Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Knitted Scrump

I no longer advertise my services for making things, I found that constantly trying to sell things that I loved to people who quite frankly new they could get something cheaper from china was quite exhausting and sucked the fun out of making things!  Instead I now only make things for other people as gifts or special requests! I have a few of my old customers who I will never say no to though. People who supported me from the beginning and are just really cracking people! And one of those people is Kelly I've known Kelly for absolute years and she is the legend who ordered the knitted Stitch and the knitted Yoda! [by the way I am considering actually putting these patterns on here at some point so keep your eyes peeled!]

Anyway this time she asked me if I could make "Scrump" from Lilo and Stitch for her fiancee! Scrump for those of you who don't know [and I sure as hell didn't] Its the little handmade doll that Lilo carries around. Now according to Kelly whilst Lilo and Stitch stuff is easy to find at the Disney store scrump is much much harder!

Image result for scrump lilo and stitch

Enter Moi!

Its a very basic garter stitch body and then I knitted a bow and added the face using embroidery threads.

I probably should disclose that Rikki actually picked the wool for this project because I was in the shop umming and ahhing and couldn't decide if it was a close enough colour match. As I said previously I'm considering sharing all of my self drafted knitting patterns for free on here.

Anyways I'm super pleased with how it turned out and Kelly was chuffed to bit with it when she came to pick it up!

Much Love 



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  1. He's (she's?) so darn cute!! Love it, I wish I could knit, I can now crochet a bit so maybe when I've got that down I will try knitting (again) x


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