Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mini Fabric Haul

I have a real struggle with the whole post Christmas post new year thing, Its not that I feel sad I just have no motivation. I kind of juts want to sit in my jammies and binge watch tv series whilst eating chocolates [FYI I've just finished lost and now feel like there's a hole in my soul that no T.V series will ever fill]  
To be honest I've just been letting it run it course, yes I have no motivation to do actual things but I've read two new books that Rikki brought me and I finally bit the bullet and tried crochet again! [But more on that another day] 

Anyway I decided that my fabrics just weren't inspiring me so I went fabric shopping! Now FYI I'm calling this a mini one because I spent less than £50 and it didn't take me all day! I was given money by my mum to go fabric shopping which will be a bigger haul! But this one was to perk me up and give me something to sew up whilst I wait out the last of winter! 

I should probably say this haul comes courtesy or Rikkis Grandad Ron and our friend Steve! 

Anyway I went to abakhans on Friday after dropping lil man off at school, which meant I was completely alone! I took a list and was very vigilant with how much everything was going to cost me! Especially seen as I wouldn't have my mum to pick up any short fall and I only have my Christmas cash on me! Needless to say the staff as always were very helpful! [I feel like I'm rambling.... I'm terrible at writing posts where I've actually spent money after two years of being on a VERY tight budget!] So onto the fabrics!

2.5m of red stretch velvet - £8.40
I'm going to use this to make another GBSB wrap dress because how lush wold a velvet one be? Incidentally lil man helped me pull this out of the dryer after prewashing and I struggled to get it off him, he was all wrapped up in a swath of warm fuzzyness! ADORABLE! but seriously kid get your dirty mitts off my fabric!!! 

Feather/Leaves Poly knit - £4.03 
this was from one of the bins, I'm thinking of using this for some colour blocked raglans! [I have a pattern which is very similar to the Linden sweater but that I was given for free and came from prima magazine! I think its designed for a thinner knit but I think if I cut a size bigger I'll be fine!] 

Red Stripe - 2.5m £3 something per metre
I had this off the roll and now I have no idea if its a polycotton or a cotton. But I did spend ages debeating between the black and the red, The red won because I'm trying to inject some more colour into my wardrobe this year! I'm going to use this the make a [hopefully] wearable toile of a vintage pattern. From what I can remember the bodice has some interesting darts which is why I chose a stripe? That or I'll look like a cheaper version of bananas in pyjamas!

Tie Dye print - some sort of poly thing - £7.33? 
This also came from bin and is destined to be a simple sew wrap dress. I thought it was worth making another because I've had so much wear from the first [as yet unblogged I'll get on that soon!] and its just so versatile! 

Poly Knit Stripe - £7.19 
From one of the cages and destined to be a Coco dress and by destined I mean I cut one out when I go home and I'm wearing it now.......... [Its awesome!]

Tape measure cotton - 2m - £5.94 p metre [I think I got it cheaper because it was on sale!]
I've been eyeing up this print for ever! I mean I love sewing and its got tape measures on it! Could it be more perfect?  Naturally I'm going to make a Lilou dress [Yes I know you think I'm boring but I have a lilou obsession and I am not ashamed!!!!]

Jewel print - poly peachskin?- 3m - £0.75p per metre! [yes your reading that right!!!]
Okay so I'm torn between whether this is the most fabulous fabric I've ever seen or really tacky! but I can't argue with 75p a metre so it came home with me! I think its going to be a long summer dress maybe? If it doesn't look ridiculous!

And thats it!

Wish me happy sewing and lots of motivation!



  1. I'm feeling the same way in sewing, and have come to much of the same conclusion (confusion!) ha! I'm just not feelin' it with most of my fabrics...I'm donating a few I don't love and donating a newly made skirt. I just don't *love* the color or drape but someone else will. I don't spend much on my fabrics so it's not a huge loss for me, but someone else will be blessed by them. : )

    I enjoy your blog and what you have to say. : )


    1. Oh can you donate near me so I can buy them! I think after the holiday season finding motivation is really hard, I cleaned out my wardrobe and it shoed me what I should be making!
      Im glad you enjoy my blog!

  2. I'm feeling ya with the lack of motivation, I'm sad Christmas is over and back to work and boring stuff, I want everyday to be a jammies, choccy, chilled day! It's cold outside and that really doesn't help!! Your fabric haul is great though (maybe I need one :D ) the red velvet dress will be awesome, I love that you have plans for bought fabric, I really need to do that x

    1. I always go fabric shopping with a list of what I want to make, as in a go through my patterns and pull ideas out and them write down the pattern number and how much fabric and the suggested fabric.
      That said if I see something I really love I always buy it!

  3. Love the tape measure fabric, looking forward to seeing it as a garment X

    1. It got sewn up today just need to take pictures!!! x


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