Sunday, 15 January 2017

My First Ever Crochet Project!

I've done it guys I've actually cracked it! I have mastered the art of crochet! Well I say the art... I can manage a granny square! BUT COME ON GUYS! That's a pretty big deal! Especially for someone who's been struggling for as long as me!

It all started when I unwrapped a Christmas present from my mum and dad, they had gotten me a book on easy crochet. Mainly because when she had a flick through she said the instructions were pretty clear. My first thought was "dear god" how dare they buy me a book on a craft I CANNOT DO! Those swines! Then however, I manned up and thought well why not give this another shot! And guys I did It! I conquered! I mean I only conquered a small amount, if I was an evil dictator it would probably be the equivalent of the Vatican [FYI that is the smallest country in the world , I am so ready for university challenge!]  

Anyways naturally as soon as I had gotten to a place where I felt comfortable with a hook in my hand! [my house is currently littered with my many attempts!] I decided to start a big project! Because why not run before you can walk? I decided to make a blanket!

I know right a blanket, I've never even made a big knitted blanket! but in my defence I'm finding crochet very relaxing and I'm really enjoying how easy it is to pick up and put down as well as the fact its using all of my odds and sods of wool.

Although I am a bit worried I might run out at some point. I've made a desperate plea to Nan for scraps and she says shes going to have a look for me!

So here is the plan: the idea is that the pink ones are multi coloured granny squares of five rounds, the blue ones are five round granny squares of only two colours, the purple are ten round ones in multiple colours and the light green and dark green are 15/20 round ones of multiple colours! 

Then they will be arranged according to my picture in a sort of whimsical scrappy fashion to hopefully create a scrappy patchwork granny square quilt!

So far I've completed all 23 of my five round multi coloured squares and my large twenty round one! So I'm well on my way to snuggly goodness! 

Colour wise I'm working with a lot of dregs from my drawers I'm trying to keep to colour palette, to blues, greens, purples, blacks and white. And so far I am loving how its looking! In fact it might be one of my favourite colour pulls yet!

Size wise I'm aiming for 1 metre square! each patch is just about 10cm and there's ten per row so hopefully my maths works out and my tension stays the same throughout!

In other news THERE WAS SNOW! Yerp we had snow it was all very exciting especially seen as we live on a hill! Nothing quite like watching people struggle on hills in winter! And Lil man had the day off school! I'm not 100% why? the snow wasn't particularly heavy and they had already texted at 6.30am to say it was still on but lo and behold at 7.30 [after I had already gotten us dressed!!!!!] they texted again to say it was cancelled! Leaving me at home with no milk delivery! no bread and one small child! Luckily my mum and dad braved the roads to come and visit us and brought bread! 

anyways I think that's about it! We've got little mans birthday coming up next week so I;m sure preparing for that will keep me busy!

Much Love



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  1. Your crochet looks fab, loving the colour scheme and the layout looks great, look forward to seeing it completed. I taught myself (well YouTube did) to crochet in November as I had an op, I was off for two weeks and knew I wouldn't be up to sewing. I love it (addicted!!) I also made a blanket, it was lots of rows but as I got better so did my tension which means the bottom is much bigger than the top, oops! x


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