Thursday, 5 January 2017

Delphine - Cotton and Chalk Mashup

This was finished way before Christmas, In fact its been finished since November and has been systematically leaking blue dye in the washer ever since [Thank the baby Jesus for colour catchers!] Anyway what with Christmas and New Year and what not I just didn't have time to blog like at all!

So down to details, the skirt part is the Delphine skirt from Tilly and the buttons love at first stitch and the bib part is from the cotton and chalk Sunday set.

As its just a bib there's no need for fangled pattern drafting or redrafting to make it fit. In fact the whole thing went together pretty seamlessly apart from having to take an inch out of the centre back seam because it was a bit too big. Which naturally meant I had to unpick THE BEST invisible zip I had ever done which is gutting! Especially when I re put in the zip and It wasn't as good. [Insert all of the sad faces here]   

I'm loving the dungarees fashions that are happening at the moment and I love that this is a slightly girlier version. In fact the only issue I have is that its a wee bit short. Or at least I feel like it is? Its the typical "oh this is too long, I'll re hem it......woops a daisy now its far too bloody short!" But maybe its okay if I wear really thick tights?

All of the topstitching was done in bright blue thread and is pretty dammed neat if I do say so mayself! and oh wait whats that.................................???????

OMG the bib comes off! SURPRISE I made it detachable! Mainly because then I get two outfits for the price of one!!!! So now I have a dungaree skirt set and a cute denim skirt! Which has been on my sewing list for a while! Two birds with one stone! God I love it when that happens! 

The bib and straps are attached to the skirt via buttonholes and buttons. The buttons are sewn to the skirt waistband lining and are not visible from the outside. 

The lining of the bib and skirt waistband is just some left over upholstery fabric. Which worked pretty well because I didn't have any interfacing! The main denim fabric is from abakhans and it like all new denims seems to loose a lot of dye. I've been putting all my denim in with some colour catchers and I've not been having any problems!

All in all I'm pretty pleased with how this project turned out I love the practicalities of having two outfit options [can we say space saver!] and the fit is pretty good. I still love this skirt pattern for its simplicity the lack of darts is really flattering and its nice to have a simple skirt pattern to hand.

In other news:

I didn't really get much sewing related stuff for xmas,  I received a book on crochet and some money from friends and family to go fabric shopping and some fat quarters but I think my favourite gift my be the record player my lovely hubby brought me! In fact I love it that much I've moved this posh cd player with sub woofing thing and 300 wires so I can have it in pride of place!  

My god daughter turned one! she was born at the very start of 2016 which just proves that 2016 wasn't a complete bust!!!!!

And as if 2016 was trying to prove to me that it wasn't a complete waste of space, my lovely new niece snuck in just at the end of December! So between my God daughter and a new Niece I think 2016 and book ended rather nicely!

And yes new baby niece has a handmade hamper all of her very own! 

And I think that's it! Mainly I'm just recovering from Christmas and new year and trying desperately to get back into the "swing" of things!!!!

Much Love




  1. This looks great!! I love that the bib is detachable! Thank you for your lovely comment, I am determined to kick ass this year and happy to hear that you were feeling more relaxed this Christmas :) xx

    1. I think your doing swell and I really love your style!!

  2. Fab dungerdress :) awesome idea to make the bib detachable, I'm unsure whether one would suit me and this would be a great way of giving it a try. It doesn't look too short in the photos (fab legs!) and your top stitching rocks. 2016 did have lots of highlights, let's hope 2017 has even more x

    1. I would definately try and make one with a detachable bib! the bib hardly takes any fabric so its not much waste! x

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