Friday, 27 January 2017

Raglan Sweater

I've been seeing Raglan jumpers all over instagram lately. Mainly because of the the #lindenswap which was happening before Christmas. 

Now I don't own the Linden pattern [which is by Grainline studios BTW]  [and I can't justify spending $16.00 on it] But I did still have a hankering for a raglan jumper so I thought it might be worth taking a dig through my patterns and seeing if there was anything I could frankenpattern........

As it goes I have a prima pattern for a raglan jumper and its a pretty good dupe! Now prima isn't every sewers choice yes you have to trace the patterns, yes the styling is quite frankly awful and yes the instructions are about as clear as mud mixed with oil. BUT they have really good bones, The patterns are simple lines and simple styles and they can be used as a great base for makes.

Which is how this came about.

FYI this particular pattern came with the may 2016 issue, so you might be able to track one down I don't know if that's an option on their website [I personally don't subscribe to Prima this was sent to me by lovely pen friend who I believe does!] 

Now I didn't follow the instructions in fact I didn't even look at them, instead I just traced off all the pieces and then used the width of the sleeves and the bottom of the jumper to create my own pattern pieces for the cuffs and bottom band. I knew I wanted the jumper to have cuffs and a bottom band to give it more of a ready to wear vibe.

Now the leaf print fabric is from abakhan and cost me £4.03 and the purple I used is a scrap from this dress and is from sew essential . I also used the purple for the piping in the raglan sleeve detail. piping I hear you say? Oh yeah guys Frankie has only gone and learned herself a new skill! Well I say piping it's more like a piece of fabric folded over and wedged in the seam, so its basically piping but with the rope part, which I guess is essentially the pipe?

Anyway I'm sidetracking, I love the piping on this as I think it helps to break up the busy print. Plus ya know PIPING! And its a lot easier than I thought once I;d worked out the seam allowances! 

Now I sewed the whole thing on my overlocker but I top stitched the seam allowances down using my twin needle on my regular machine. I'm not sure if that was completely necessary because I good iron might have persuaded the overlocked edges to stay tucked away. But I knew this was going to be one of those items that just does not get ironed ever...... So I stitched them down. 

I think the top stitching came out okay anyway so that's a bonus, I did have to use my walking foot though because things were not looking good without! 

These are some close ups of my pretty awesome piping! I actually prefer this to regular piping which sticks out a bit so I think I might add it to more things! 

So the verdict! 

When I first made it I kind of hated it, It was one of those occasions where you love the fabric in the shop but then you sew it up and your like hmmm does this suit me? 

But then it recieved the seal of approval from my mum, our friend and my husband [Who even said he thought it was shop brought] So I decided to give it a whirl! 

And now?

I LOVE IT! Seriously you cannot get a more comfortable jumper for on the school run, the poly knit fabric is thin enough to wear under a coat but thick enough to keep you warm and its just so easy to throw on! I'm not sure if I like it better than my coco hoodie hack but It definitely has the same effortless school morning vibe going on.

So I will definitely be making another one, and another one and another one!!! I want one of these for every day of the week and I'm tempted to try and make a few up with hoods and stuff and of course some more piping!

In other news! 

I've been grumpy as hell today! Which is lovely for everyone, I'm blaming the awful night sleep I've been having , if its not nightmares its waking up every couple of hours so please if you have any remedies for a good nights sleep [aside from down a bottle of jack] please let me know!

I finally brought the fleece to finish my latest baby quilt so hopefully that will be up soon! and it will be the 5th baby quilt I've gifted. I'm really loving the gifting of baby quilts mainly because it gives me a good opportunity to try out new designs and play with fat quarters! So if some people could get knocked up that would be great!

Much Love



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  1. Fab top, I also look at all the Lindens but don't want to spend out the pennies (I also like the Ogden but I'm trying free patterns to try and recreate it, Sewloft Diana Cami is winning at the mo) your raglan fits great and the piping is great!!! I've not tried it yet but love how it looks. No sleep remedies though, I've tried lots, Isaw on tv magnesium is meant to help??


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