Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year Resewlutions

So yet again its been a few days, what can I say in between stuffing my face with turkey and finishing off a boxes of chocolates single handed I've been busy!

To be honest I decided to just enjoy Christmas and new year and try not to focus on the fact I haven't been blogging. But I'm back now and I thought this might be a good time to take a little look at my life and this blog and see if there's any room for improvement!

1. Make a coat - I have the pattern. I have the fabric all I need is he time! You see this coat is going to be a joint venture with my big sister! Which means we have to try and mesh our schedules! But I'm determined that this is going to be the year! [So if your reading this Netty cut out your size from your pattern! I'm coming for you!!!]

2. Work on top stitching - I've seen a huge improvement in this recently especially with some recent projects that needed a lot of top stitching, but there's always room for more improvement!

3. Be Healthy - Typically I do my usual "I want to start running" But frankly that's a load of tosh. I hate running. So instead this year I'm just going to say I want to keep eating healthy [possibly even eat healthier] and try and get back into doing yoga which I was really enjoying. Typically I prefer yoga because its quick, doesn't make me sweaty and leaves me relaxed! 

4. Sew more novelty dress - I'm talking simple dresses but in super fun fabric prints! Yeah its pretty boring sewing wise but I love making them and wearing them so I think I need more!

5. Make another knitted jumper - I had such a sense of achievement after finishing my miette last year that I think I want to challenge myself again. This time I'm thinking I want to do a slightly more modern silhouette and that its going to be in red.

6. Sew More - I'm not sure if this counts as a resewlution or just as an "I WANT" but I;'d love to get better at managing my time so I have more time for sewing. In fact maybe this year I'd just like to be a bit more organised! 

7. Sew more knits - I'd love to make some more jumpers and a few wrap dresses aswell as making some stripey cocos! 

8. Make a Christmas dress for next year in a CRAZY novelty print! - Pretty much says it all really don't it?  

9. Make another quilt - We are hoping to more at some point this year so I think I'd like to make a full sized quilt for our bedroom. But all of that will depend on a) what colour scheme we choose [Rikki wants orange I want purple] b) If I can find some fabrics we both like and c) If we can decide on a pattern together. It should be interesting because we both have very VERY different tastes!

10. Finish my Grandmas quilt - Basically when my grandma died she left two finished quilts and one unfinished one and being that I love sewing I was given to unfinished one to finish. So I've sort of been waiting until my quilting and piecing skills are up to par until I tackle this one. The quilt currently resides at my mums so the first step is to move it here and decide whether to try appliqueing the border as she had planned, or just to embroider it with a running stitch as a kind of homage as to what she would have done and then whether to hand quilt as she would have done or to machine quilt it. ARGHHHH CHOICES! 

11. Relax More - Whether is sewing or knitting or taking bubble baths I'd love to just be more relaxed.

Much Love




  1. I thought my crafty resolutions were tough but you are right up there, anyway I think you can achieve those goals AND have a fabulous time along the way. PS. take your time with your coat. I made a toile of mine and I was so glad I did.It took me 8 weeks! Jo x

    1. Yes there will be a lot of taking time on the coat! I think the beauty of sewing it with my sister is that shes a beginner so I'll have to really slow down and I think I'll end up with a nicer finish!

  2. Super plans, I made the Clare coat last year and really enjoyed the process, I agree with the relax more one too, I really need to make a bit more time for myself, between work and family I really don't get as much time as I'd like for my hobbies. I haven't made any specific plans maybe because I haven't done much creatively over Christmas. I need to get my mojo back.

    1. Its a shame you dont have more time for your hobbys. I think everyone needs some me time sometimes!


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