Wednesday, 31 August 2016

High Low Wrap Skirt!

When I started blogging I swore I would blog the good the bad and the ugly. And to be honest I'm still not 100% which category this falls into.

Okay so its another wrap skirt, I'm becoming a huge fan of the wrap skirt. Mainly because I find them so flattering. And the idea of this was to create a sexy sort of tulip silhouette, and to be honest I'm not quite sure if I've achieved that? I do look nipped in at the waist but I think maybe there's a bit too much gathering around the whole thing? And maybe that parts not overly flattering? 

Especially from the back the whole thing looks a bit meh? The fabric is the same artificial poly silky stuff that I used for this. On this picture you can see that I haven't even finished the ties ! I'm waiting to see what you guys think! [See I keep you lot in very high regard!!!] 

I drafted it myself straight onto the fabric because I like the sew dangerously! I didn't even measure I just free handed GASP! 

Okay so good things, I like that I can switch up where the split is, at thew moment I like it central or to one side [which always reminds me of Catherine zeta Jones?]

And I'm pretty proud of the hem I've done, its not a rolled hem but its pretty tiny and very neat!!

And I like that its a wrap skirt because well, I heart wrap skirts!!!!

The more I look at these pictures the more I realise I kind of love the front view but hate the side and back views? I guess its lucky I don't have a permanent view of my own derriere huh!

So what do you think?

Is it worth finishing or shall I just sack it off now?

Much Love 




  1. I think this skirt looks great from the front, the shape of the hem is fab, so flattering, the back is ok but not as nice as front but hey what you can't see doesn't matter and it's not the it looks bad it's maybe too gathered?? But it does nip you in and looks good with the black top, I say finish it. I think you should also make another with less back gathers or maybe pleats??

    1. Im thinking of making another with box pleats instead of gathers I think they would be a bit more subtle!
      I think I will finish this one, at the least it might make a cute beach coverup!


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