Saturday, 27 August 2016

How to have the Perfect Sewing Evening!!!!

So here's my guide to having the perfect evening of sewing!!!!

1. Get rid of children/Husband/Wife, preferably outside of the house otherwise you might find they need some sort of attention, needy little swines. If outside isn't an option put them upstairs, lock the doors, threaten them with death if they disturb you!

2. Put on some music/netflix, preferably something you've seen before so you don't get distracted but thinking "OMG what happened?" This step can also be used to drown out partners and children!!

3. Cut out your project before hand. This way you can jump straight into the sewing and not have to mess about with marking pattern information and trying to find a space to cut out!

4. Collect sewing snacks. Did you know that sewing whilst eating chocolate makes you sew straighter seams? and that the particularly expensive chocolates [your Belgium and your Thorntons] have an 80% chance of stopping your bobbin running out during a seam? However all of this stops if you share!

5. Collect a sewing beverage, teas nice but can be forgotten about leaving you with a cold brew [and having a perfect sewing evening is not about cold brews!] Wine works nicely however I'd skip any precision work after you've had your second glass!

6. Fill your bobbin. Hell if its a particularly big project fill two!! Just fill them it saves a lot of aggro later!!! 

7. Find the comfiest chair you have. I'm a massive fan of our computer chair because its padded and height adjustable. But if you only have hard chairs wack a couple of cushions on it so your bum doesn't go numb! Also remember the stand up and stretch every now and again, otherwise you'll be sore tomorrow! [seriously this sewing stuff is like a workout!!!]

8. Have everything in easy reach, nothing worse than trying to find your unpicker or some more pins!

9. Take the phone off the hook! I have a theory that people can hear when I'm sewing and they ring on purpose. I mean I love my family but I love sewing more. Take it off the hook and put your mobile on silent.

10. Wear Jammies, hell go naked [just make sure to shut the curtains] the less clothes you have on the easier it is to keep fitting your project!

11. Relax and Stitch away!!!!

Much Love 




  1. Fab post that made me smile, I must buy more chocolate to help my seams and more meeeeee time is must by any means possible x

    1. Yes! Its scientifically proven that chocolate helps with sewing!!!!
      I hope you can find some mee time!!!!


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