Monday, 8 August 2016

Hawaiian Print Crop Top

If you've all finished laughing from my last post I'd like to give you an excuse for another giggle.

I made a stripper top. But I'll get to that in a minute.

So I eeked this crop top out of the left overs from my tie shoulder Hawaii dress. And its lined using an old pillow slip, because well I'm a classy girl who uses what she has! and the lace is thrifted off the bottom of an old dress? top? something?

The fabric by the way was by the craft cotton company!

Anyway the pattern is from the third great british sewing book, its one of the hacks. But I added a bit to the front so I could have a button band.

Which is why its a stripper top. Because as it turns out my button hole foot does not like sewing through six layers of fabric, so instead I used press studs. Which seamed like a great idea until I realised, as I was removing it by pulling apart the front to a rhythmic "pop, pop, pop" that this is how strippers remove their stage wear. To a rhythmic "pop pop pop" and of course the hoots of drunken men!

So yeah I'm classy and apparently I now have easy access to.....well....... stuff............ 

But yeah stripperness aside the fit is pretty good. Its a bit short for my liking but I'm told that exposing ones tummy [omg can you tell I love with a four year old? Tummy? TUMMY for gods sake!] anyway I hear its the new thing! 

Oh look at me being all fashionable and stuff!!!!! 

No idea why I look so miserable on these pictures? I'm actually very pleased so this face must be related to something else? Maybe I was thinking about the ironing?

Anyway In a slightly new feature I'm going to show you not only what I've made but two ways I've styled it! I know right! Aren't I the best! Which means if you have a burning desire to make a crop top we can dress the same and be twins! 

So look one! this one is actually what I wore a few days ago and now it might be my flying to Vegas outfit, mainly because I can wear this top bra-less and a long haul flight with no underwire seems pretty blissful to be honest.

Blue skinny jeans - mine are Newlook but similar here
white shirt - Pretty sure mine is a george at asda mens one? but similar here
crop top - handmade

This is the slightly more summery look and I'm thinking of packing it for Vegas. Now normally I wouldn't wear shorts this tight and well short on the internet or ya know in the real world, but someone on instagram said my legs looked "amazing" and its given me quite the confidence boost! [I swear I'm basically Heidi Klum now]


Slouch cardigan - Handmade , my own tutorial can be found here

Crop top- handmade

shorts - cut off levis! [pretty sure this pair was my sisters and that one summer my mum took all of my sisters jeans and cut the legs off, but I might have just imagined that! Either way these jeans are nearly as old as me!] Similar here

Shoes - Matalan, similar here 

Anyway so yeah I'm loving this as a tourist look, minus the heels! Actually I've seen a pair of red Hawaiian print trainers in the nike shop in free port and I'm pretty tempted, although to be honest I'll probably just pick up some low top converse wannabees from primark!

Let me know what you thought of the style ideas!

Much Love




  1. Great make! I think both looks are really cute. You can totally pull those shorts off. (As can anybody, because it's your body, wear what you want ;))

  2. Loving your striper top, there's nothing wrong with poppers but I do hope they're sturdy so not accidental flashing occurs. I saw a similar one in the shop with a zip up the front. Love both looks, your legs are fab, wish mine looked like yours.

    1. these are hardcore poppers! they are like 1cm In diameter so they are pretty strong!!! I'm sure you have beautiful legs!!!


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