Saturday, 6 August 2016

Things I made a High School - Part 2

Please don't laugh, or at least don't judge.......

I mean seriously! Right so where to begin?

This was my second project for my GCSE textiles class. It was actually what I made directly after making these [I definitely went downhill]

Anyway the "theme" was geishas, and after about 2 lessons of the teacher trying to convince the other girls that "no geishas are not prostitutes" we finally got around to doing some designing and sewing.

Whilst other girls chose to make bags and tea cosies [yes tea cosies] I opted for this shapeless sack. 

No though in all seriousness I worked really hard on this project and just seemed to flounder. For example I chose to make a pattern by "rubbing off" a dress I already had, which is pretty awesome for a 14? year old. BUT! what I didn't realise and my teacher failed to mention to me was the dress I was rubbing off was a knit fabric and the fabric I had chosen was woven. What a mistake to make. So Problem 1!

My second problem came with seam allowances, I was told by my teacher to add seam allowances, but nob told me what kind or where or why or....... anyway I can only assume I decided to use 2 inch seam allowances.

The third problem was we had to add some form of embellishment, I chose to add a hand embroidered belt, that you know has no use as a belt because its too small! 

There's a nice little gaping keyhole at the back. Not as a design feature, oh no! That key hole is there because I measured my fabric wrong and ran out of fabric to sew on.

But the very best part might be the insides, In fact I desperately wish I thought to take a picture of the inside.

Anyway as it turns out 14 year old Frankie thought that to sew a garment you needed to hem every single edge of every single piece BEFORE! you even stitch them together...

STOP LAUGHING! I'm being completely serious, Its like the worst french seam in the world.

Its just wow.......... The sad thing is I actually got a B for this and felt like the best in the class which just goes to show what everything else looked like!

Right I'm off to hang my head in shame!

Much Love




  1. Everyone has to start somewhere! I guess you were marked on your sewing not on style!!!! It is good for the age you were then X

    1. I shouldnt have been marked on either! they were both awful!!!

  2. Well your dress is much more interesting than the projects we made. First we made a bag with embroidery and drawn thread, to keep our sewing in. Then we made navy blue school KNICKERS and a yellow sleeveless shirt to do PE in. Horrible things.

    What an unusual fabric that is. I like the embroidered belt

    1. you made pe kits? so did you not have to do pe before you finished them? because thats an idea id have been on board with! I HATED PE!

  3. This made me smile, it's a good effort for a learning student and I wish my daughter who is 15 could be given the same flexibility in her GCSE textiles, she has been told she has to make something for a young child who she knows, preferably a dress and given the names of pattern companies she can use. It's not catching her and with little interest it's not fun and unlikely to put her best effort in, bloody schools!!!

    1. gosh talk about sucking the fun out!!!! some teachers juts dont inspire creativity! we had an art teacher once and his entire classes sketch books looked identical, He found himself in some bother!


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