Monday, 29 August 2016

Altering Me Mades

Sometimes you make something and yo think "yes this is it I am the queen of sewing, all shall bow before me and feel the wrath of my unpicker!" and sometimes you think "okay so this isn't ground breaking but its not awful" and sometimes you think "This is fugly..."

And every now and again you make something, like it but still don't wear it. And being that I don't have a HUGE wardrobe, no seriously my wardrobe is the size if a postage stamp, that means I have to decided if I'm going to alter it or just bin it. 

And unlike ready to wear clothing its really quite hard to let go of things you've actually made yourself with your own hands. so remake it was!

I didn't make any major changes, quite simply this dress did have a pink lace waistband but the lace was too think and I felt like I had a massive expanse of stomach out. Plus pink lace isn't really my jam! anyway you can read the full post about the original dress here. 

So I switched out the pink lace waistband for a plain one that I cute of the extra length of the skirt. Which seams fairly simple until you realise it involves taking out a zip, and taking out two rows of top stitching as well as the seams themselves.

It did mean however that I could do my gathers more evenly and swap out the zip for something that matched a little better. Even if it is a chunky beast of a thing!

And now I love this dress again! One little change and suddenly I can't wait to put it on and wear it!

In other news, I am BUSY! I'm talking Christmas style busy but in August!!!!

So far since August we've had 4 birthdays, 1 meeting with a registrar, 1 child to prepare for school an Anniversary, A shed load of wedding stuff to sort out and my hen party to arrange! and in September we have 2 birthdays, my hen party, my second hen party, rikkis stag, a big birthday party, my wedding hair appointments, final things to liase with the venue................................. I wont bore you to death but lets just say we haven't had time to breathe!!!!

And would you believe I still have people I need to chase up about invitations? I mean really? How rude!!!!! 

So any moment I can find to sew has been a godsend for my mental health and balance!!! 

Esspecially seen as my lil squidge is growing up so fast!!! We actually went out yesterday and brought him three new pairs of shoes for school! one smart pair, one pair of pe trainers [which apparently had to be all white but omg have you tried to find all white trainers recently? for a four year old? who's probably going to wear them a grand total of ten times?] and one pair of new shoes for day to day use because his old ones were super scraggy and horrible!!! 

So yeah I know I'm going to have a huge cry when he goes to school next week and I'm just going to embrace it and sob away!!!!!!!

Much Love




  1. That is so much better than the original. Amazing what a difference it makes to change one thing.
    You keep giving us hints about the wedding but we need to know more! Like when and where (Las Vegas or is that the honeymoon?) and will you be making the dress? Enjoy your parties and hen nights. My RSVP is in the post😀 sorry to be so late replying.

    1. Haha Im planning on doing a HUGE post wedding post because I dont want to spoil any surprises for those who might read and be attending!!! I havent made my dress, I read an old wives tale that said for every stitch you sew in your gown a tear you'll shed and I'm pretty superstitious!!!! But there will be a round up of the bits and pieces I have made for it!!!


    2. Meanie! �� I do understand really. I made my wedding dress and we have lasted 46 years without TOO many tears.

    3. AHHH so it is an old wives tale! Im still glad I dint make mine though because i think it would have been too much stress! I'm too much of a flibberty gibbert!!!!! x

  2. I'm glad you are able to wear this dress again as it looks great on, I prefer this version, I have a few that could do with some tlc but keep putting it off. Sounds like September is going to be busy, enjoy your wedding plans and hair appointments, take lots of photos of lil boy when he starts, it's a shame they don't stay little for long :( x

    1. I find that doing things In small chunks so If I say do all the unpicking one day, and then put the zip in another, and then hem after that. It doesnt feel like so much time has been taken up on something , just some small blocks of time! If that makes sense!

      No they don't stay little for long, I feel like ive blinked and hes gone from being my tiny baby to being this Awesome little person with a personality and opinions all of his own!!!



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