Thursday, 4 August 2016

Purple Princess Seam Dress

Sometimes I look at what I make and I think oooh another lilou bodice/princess seam bodice with some skirt variation, aren't I the most exciting sewer ever [Insert copious amounts of sarcasm here]
 And then I'm like well that's my style I like that stuff and if it ain't broke don't fix it!

But even I was a bit bored by this dress, it sat waiting to be cut, then it sat waiting to be sewn, then it sat waiting to be hemmed and now its been waiting a good 2 weeks to be blogged.

So without further ado here's a princess seamed bodice with a gathered skirt made up in a poly silk of some form.

The back is pulling like a mother, I'm assuming this means my fit is off but this doesn't happen in my other versions?

Its the Princess seam bodice I always use, good old great British sewing bee book 2! Genuinely starting to think that this might be the only book I need ever!

The front fit on the other hand is pretty bang on. the skirt was hemmed by hand and the bodice is lined in the same fabric, and I did a pretty tidy invisible zip. Pretty much felt like a sewing superstar when that little swine when in! 

All in all I'm pretty pleased, I mean don't get me wrong its a cute dress, It's just a bit dull, I think if maybe the pattern was a bit more complicated it might work better? or of there was a print of some sort?

I dunno, its cute and if I go out to dinner I will definitely wear it. But its not real day wear is it? Its more night out sort of wear, or at least pub dinner!

So I think my next make might have to be a bit more fun?

or Ill bore myself to sleep and you guys as well!!!

In other news,

Lil Man is still on his summer holidays so I'm getting hardly anything done.

He's eating us out of house and home.

I'm getting there with the hexagon cushion I've been making and I'm hoping to have it finished within the next few days, Its EPP so its pretty hard going, especially on the old fingers [If you'd like to learn how to tack a hexagon there's a visual tutorial on my new you tube channel {shameless plug!} and you can now subscribe using the button on the right hand side of this page!]

Also let me now if there's anything you'd like me to make a video about and I'll do my best to oblige [disclaimer : no singing or hardcore nudity]

Much Love




  1. I think your dress looks lovely, you derserve to be taken out now :) it's a great shape on you. I've just subscribed to your YouTube channel (my ever) super tutorial video I look forward to seeing more

    1. Yay! you must have been the subscriber that made me squeal earlier! I'm still finding subscribers very exciting!!!!!
      I shall inform my fella that he owes me a night on the town!


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