Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Halter Neck top - Simplicity 1365 - #simplicitysewingchallenge

So I finished my first make for the #simplicitysewingchallenge a few days ago and to be honest I think I'm just about used to it.

I mean its a halter top, and its backless.....and its low cut........and well its really cropped! I mean seriously when I looked at the pattern artwork I had no idea that it would be this short! Not only can you see my belly button but you can also see about 3/4 inches of flesh above it as well.

In fact when I first tried it on I was wearing my pyjama bottoms [standard sewing attire] which where low slung and the sheer amount of flesh I was exposing nearly made me pee myself laughing! 

Luckily though I tried it with some high waisted jeans the next day and got a second opinion! My fella said and I quote "It's nice [at this point I turned around exposing my pretty much bare back] but I think it might be better for more sunny places? like on holiday?" I think hes worried I might catch a chill! Then I tried it on with this high waisted wrap skirt, and basically felt like the biggest sexpot ever!!! [In a good way!]   

So details! The fabric is a lovely light cotton with a yellow floral pattern that I think my Nan gave me! I have just enough for this top which makes me think that their might be a greater plan for all of us!

The pattern is Simplicity 1365 and its a 1970's vintage pattern. The pattern artwork is gorgeous and it have four views. but two of them have peplums, have I ever talked about my sheer hatred of peplums? no remind me and I'll get round to it!

Being a fan of the 70's in general I knew this was the pattern for me when I saw it as a option for the simplicity sewing challenge [you can read more about the rules here] that and the fact that I didn't like any of the other patterns!!!

I cut a size 12 in this. My measurements corresponded to a size fourteen but I measured the pattern pieces and decided that the less ease in something like this, the better. More ease means more risk of boob popping out situations! And I'd say the fit is pretty spot on!

The top is fully lined which is great especially seen as you have to go sans bra [I seem to be spending rather a lot of time sans bra at the moment!]And its also nice because it means there are no raw edges next to the skin.... which makes sense because of ahem...chaffing, which I'm guessing is more problematic sans bra.

And to say I;'m bra less I feel pretty darn secure, I'm not sure if its because of the double layer of fabric or the gathers that's sort of cup and lift the boob area all on their own! Although I'm not sure how well it would support for someone of a slightly larger bust? But I'm sure their are ways you could add things like interfacing and bra making bits to give more support! In fact I might add some light interfacing to the midriff front of my second version the stop the wrinkles you get when you tie it at the back. You can get rid of these wrinkles if you tie it looser but then I don't feel quite as secure!

The collar, I mean THE COLLAR! Can you actually get more 70's? well probably but OMG I think I've found my soulmate! I thought it might be too big, In fact I even considered grading it down to be smaller but boy am I glad I kept it big! After all bigger is better! The collar is the only interfaced part of the garment and you definitely don't want to skip interfacing it!! I used a fairly thick interfacing so It would stay lovely and structured, and I used a sew in rather than an iron on interfacing so It wouldn't be ruined with those unsightly wrinkles you can sometimes get.

The only really time consuming part of the entire make was the grading and trimming and clipping of where the seams all meet at the bottom of the collar. I mean seriously it has a centre front seam, the lining centre front seam, the collar, the collar lining and the interfacing!!!!!! Its a lot to handle and I definitely recommend trimming as you go. otherwise you'll find yourself drowning in bulk!

Your also gonna want to pay attention to all the information about stay stitching and under stitching to make sure things don't stretch and gape! And IRON! I mean seriously the amount of pressing this thing requires is ridiculous but its all worth it in the end! 

All in all! I actually kind of love it! I mean its completely out of my comfort zone, I actually feel like I might have stumbled into the wardrobe of some awesome 70's disco chick or Marilyn Monroe [wrong era same vibes]. But Its awesome! I mean its a pretty sexy top and I think It's the kind of thing you need to confidence to be at a high for, but I think with the right bottom and shoes It makes for a pretty great outfit!!! In fact I'd go as far as to say I can;t wait to make my second version!!!! 

Much Love



FYI- I dint pay for this pattern because they are sending them out free to those who are taking part! 


  1. Looks great ! I think I made this top in the seventies !!

    1. OMG FIND ME PICTURES!!! i have to see your version!!!!!!

  2. You look amazing, I love this top, super seventies and super sexy. The collar is fab and it's great to know that there's some boob support as a bra would totally spoil it. I like the idea of a black night out version.

    1. I am definately felling a dark version In fact I have some purple cotton that this would be lush in!!!!


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