Friday, 2 September 2016

Lace Crop Top

Okay so I think I have a thing for crop tops? Its becoming like an actual thing!!! This one came about because I was going to do fancy dress for my hen party and the theme was going to be 80's but people seemed kinda meh about the idea, and the idea of just me and like two other people turning up in fancy dress filled me with sheer terror!!!! So I cancelled the fancy dress part and just said to dress nice.

Anyway this was based off Madonnas like a virgin outfit, and to say its made from old net curtains and some other scraps of white fabric I think its pretty cute. 

The pattern is from the third GBSB book its the pattern hack from the corset I didn't do a zip from and instead sewed 14 eyes [from hook and eyes] up the front so I could make it corseted. That was completely spur of the moment but ended up being my favourite feature. But it does take quite a bit of "jiggling" to get everything to sit right and to make sure the front isn't ruched p from the ribbon.

The straps are recycled from an old bra and aren't quite long enough so pull it p a bit too much, meaning I have to pull it down. I'm going see how much this annoys me before I unpick them and replace them. The whole thing is lined so It looks super pretty on the inside, I didn't do flat felled seams because flat felled seams with lace seemed like a lot of effort.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, I'm really loving crop tops at the moment for layering under tops and wearing with oversized men's shirts!!

Funnily enough I left this on after taking these pictures and a jar of pasta sauce exploded all over me. And I mean all over from my freshly washed hair, to my white lace crop top to my skinny jeans. Could not have been more peeved if I tried! 

I have no idea if the stains going to come out, I have soaked it in vanish but I don't have high hopes!

anyway in other news! I'm getting my hair done today so expect selfies!!!!!!!

and I'm taking part in the #sewphotohop so Ill be doing weekly round ups for those of you who don't have Instagram or don't follow me [although if your not following me WHY NOT!!!! Your missing out on some serious sewing goodness, and also my face!!!] 

Much Love




  1. Looks great! I hope you are successful in getting pasta sauce stains out, if not you could dye it?

    1. I doubt it, I think the fabric might be synthetic!

      Ive got some fabric whitener so that might work!


  2. I think it looks great, you have fab bod to carry it off! I think the front lacing is genius and I also think it would look great under a mans shirt, I've always liked that look, sexy?? I've been thinking of a cropped jumper, Seamwork Astoria is lovely but thinking I could hack a pattern to achieve it. I'm not on Instagram so loo forward to your round ups x

    1. Yes Im definitely going to wear it under a shirt! I love that look! I know that andi satterlund did a cropped knitted top, it has a lace work back and short sleeves but it was really pretty!!!!!
      Ill be sure to do the round ups then! Just for you!!!


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