Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Gingham Dress - Newlook 6390

This is my first version of new look 6390 and I'm gone level with you, its not great.

But I'm showing it anyway because let's be honest everyone makes a toile that's slightly less than wearable every now and again don't they.

Its not too bad from the front. There's some pretty dodgy pattern placement (those gingham squares can be a right Royal pain in the booty) but other than that its not to bad. 

The neckline gapes a bit so I've altered the pattern pieces to remove a wedge from the neckline and I took a bit out of the back seam, and the straps are too long so I've shortened that pattern piece too however its still not a great fit........

The back is where the problem is. Its really really gaping at the top. I'm not sure if I need to take some more out of the back seam or if I stretched the neckline out too much but ether way I think its going to end up being put in the alteration pile

And it does deserve to be altered because this cute could this dress be if it fit properly? The large check gingham is from abakhans and comes in loads of different colours, I think I want pink next.

I especially like the waistband. But to be completely honest it was a short cut for me. I knew that their was no way I'd be able to pattern match the squares so I thought it would be much easier to just cut it on the bias. 

Which does make the waist band more prone to stretching so to make sure this didn't happen I made sure to interface the back of the waistband pieces straight away. It worked really well and i can happily report no stretching.

Currently this is my favourite dress pattern. Before this I made two button up the front ones ( Here and here) which oddly, didn't have any fitting issues. But since this version I made two more which will be up on the blog soon.

And luckily they both fit really nicely.

In other news:

- I'll man has earache, well at least he did I'm kind of praying that its gone now.......because there is nothing worse than watching your baby in pain.

- Polly is still settling in, she's not eating or drinking much still, but she walks nicely on the lead and today she gave me a really big hand lick. Which according to google means that she really likes me so yay!!! 

- I've also photographed a few makes today and I've gotten back into the swing of sewing against and have some projects that I'm really excited about!!!

Much love 



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  1. I really like it as a style on you - could you eliminate the gaping front by moving the straps in? - they look like they are a bit wide. Maybe that would help with the fit. J x


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