Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tropical Newlook 6390

I finally managed to get around to taking some pictures of my new makes. I had to order a new remote shutter for my other digital camera and its a bit slower than the one for my slr hence why my face looks so grumpy in all of these pictures. I'm still holding onto hope that my Father in law might be able to fix it [he mends scalextric so hes very good at things like that] But if he can't Rikki has suggested we try getting a second hand lens to use in the hopes that its the lens and not the body of the camera.  

This fabric was sent to me by the craft cotton company. I love a good tropical print but I was concerned this might be a bit much on me and typically I don't wear green but as it goes I LOVE this dress!!!! 

I used Newlook 6390 for the pattern. I've made the dress before but wasn't entirely happy with the fabric I use and to be honest I haven't worn it much. 

I did however really like the shape of the pattern because it does some sort of witchcraft to my waist and makes it look tiny!

I had wanted it to have a front button placket and no zip like my first version however the interfacing I used was much too thick so it was a really struggle to do up the buttons. So instead I stitched the button placket closed by hand and put a lapped zip in the back. 

So technically now the front placket is a faux front but it wasn't meant to be!

The bodice is lined but the skirt isn't. I always worry that lining the bodice will make the dress too warm to wear but it actually means that the bodice is a little bit thick so you can go bra less if you want! Usually I do wear a bra like the pictures at the top, but there's nothing better than being able to whip your bra off if its feeling uncomfortable and knowing the girls aren't going to hit you ankles. 

The buttons for the front of the dress were given to me by my friend Steve, I think either his mum or Nan had brought them originally.

Now here's the really fun bit! If you'd like to learn how to make a dress like this I'll be demonstrating how to make one at Abakans Hanley on Saturday the 9th of June! 

In other news! 

My hair has faded loads since I took these pictures and I'm glad I didn't make it permanent because I'm already a but bored with it to be honest!

Much Love




  1. You look great in this dress.
    Did you make an application for the Great British sewing bee? You rock it!!

  2. You look fantastic in this adorable dress.


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