Saturday, 2 June 2018

Me Made May - The last week

I actually think this is my most successful mmmay. I wore me mades every day and, had no major repeats [apart from cardigans etc.] and I only forgot to take a picture on one day. 
So without further ado here's my last few days of me made may!

Day 22

Dress pattern mccalls 7381
dress fabric - Gift from @saraknitsandsews

I wore this for lil mans sports day where I made an absolute Muppet of myself in the mums egg and spoon race. No really, Rikki got second place , lil man got 2nd place in both of his races and I was so far behind everyone else that I got my very own special sympathy round of applause..... It was awkward but Lil man did shout across the road "well done mummy you did super good" so that made all of my efforts and embarrassment worth it. 

Day 23

Pattern - cotton and chalk 
fabric - abakhans

I have no idea what I did this day but the fact that I hadn't ironed the bib properly wound me up all day. It kept flipping and floofing around. 

Day 24

Skirt Pattern - prima
skirt fabric - Craft Cotton Company

On this day Rikki made me garden which was annoying because I HATE gardening!

Day 25

Pattern - Tilly and the buttons coco jumper hack
Fabric - abakhans

This day was a bit of a mash up to be honest. I had to take lil man to school in the pouring rain, then I had to wait and speak to the head teacher, then I got home and dried off but naturally was still freezing. Then I went to pick lil man up from school but was an hour early because I forgot he had an after school club! In the end I wandered around town for a bit just wasting time really.  

Day 26
pattern - ?
Fabric - Fcfabricstudios

I wore this dress because it was a saturday and more than anything I just wanted to be comfortable! 

Day 27

dress pattern - Orla Dress
Dress fabric - abakhans

This dress is very nearly past its best. Its looking a bit scraggy now so it might have to go in the next wardrobe clearout.

Day 28

I wore my red checked dress and forgot to photograph it because I'm dopey!

Day 29
Dress pattern - gbsb
Dress fabric - ?

I always bypass this dress in my wardrobe because its so bright and colourful but every time I put it on I absolutely love it! I think maybe its the colour blocking that puts me off because although pink its my favourite colour I don't tend to wear it very often.

Day 30
Skirt fabric - ?
Skirt pattern -self drafted tutu

This was a super busy day. Me and lil man woke up in the morning because it was his 60th birthday and went for breakfast. Then we came home I gave Rikki some lunch and re sorted my face out so we could meet Rikkis family for his dads Birthday meal. We stayed at the pub until about 7pm and then came home and had our neighbours round because they were craving cake and we had cake! 

Day 31

Dress pattern - gbsb
Dress fabric - Abakhans 

This is actually the second dress I wore that the day as the first one got dirty when I was cleaning the house so I had to get change because some of our friends were popping over. 

And thats it! 

So what have I learnt?

- I have a lot of clothes, like far too many which means 1. I need to sew less frivolous stuff and 2. I need to have a wardrobe clear out

- I have gained a little bit of weight. No so much that none of my clothes fit but enough that if I carry on smashing a packet of jaffa cakes per night then I might have to sew a whole new wardrobe. [P.S anybody who's wondering how I'm in possession of so many jaffa cakes , Rikki works at a biscuits fabric and they have a factory shop. Needless to say we possess a lot of biscuits.

- I need to be more careful with my hemming, I was put off wearing a lot of my dresses because of how short they are. 

- I need some new underwear and some more slips etc. 

Much Love 



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  1. Love the dress on day 21 and day 31. Well done on completing MMM!!!


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