Friday, 22 June 2018

Check Trousers - Newlook 6421

I have no idea if I love these or hate these. Typically I;m not a trouser girl and if I am its jeans. But I wanted a pair of check trousers. I didn't know what kind so I asked instagram whether I should go for flares or a skinny leg pattern. 

The general consensus was that I'd look like a member of  the bay city rollers if I went with flares and most people liked the idea of trousers better. 

The pattern I used was Newlook 6421. Its a fairly simple pattern, front and back trouser pieces and a waistband. I opted to swap the side zip for a back one because I hate side zips but other than that I stuck to the instructions. Oh apart from swapping the darts for little tucks. The wool I used was quite bulky so I thought a gentle tuck would be better than a dart because if you have a dart you also have the excess fabric behind it. 

The pattern matching is not 100% especially on the back. I know I should have cut out the pieces flat and flipped them over to make it perfect but I just couldn't be bother. Especially for a pair of trousers that might not get a lot of wear. 

I do like the way my bum looks in them though. I basted up the side seams to try and get the right fit and I think I did okay. I do wish I had tapered them more at the ends though. 

This is my major gripe with them though. The way I placed the pattern basically makes a little triangle over my "goods". I cannot believe I didn't think about where I placed that part. I was concentrating so much on trying to match the pattern on the side seams that the crotch didn't even cross my mind. 

In future I'll make sure the crotch is always the first thing I think about.............. 

But the big question is are they wearable or do I need to wander round shielding my crotch? 

If you saw me in the street would you be like "HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THE GIRL WITH THE WEIRD TRIANGLE ON HER CROTCH!!!!"  Or would you just think my trousers were cool?

The sewing inside is neatly finished. It does occur to me that I should start showing you the inside of my makes but its just such a faff, its hard enough finding ten minutes to actually take the pictures with decent lighting.  

You let me know what you think of the trousers, are they suitable for out and about wear or should I just stick to wearing them to mooch about the house in? [by the way, I'm not sure heels are the way to go with them but my black ballet flats are currently in the bin!]

In other news! 

-Polly is still settling in nicely, we've been on a few walks and I think she'd eating and drinking better. I am realising how few bins their are in the local area and I tell you , walking around with a little bag of poop is not the one. 

- Lil man has lost his voice. He's quite well in himself [no fever , not sleepy] but he has a bit of a cough and he voice is gone. So if anyone has any remedies on how to get his voice back please let me know. He has his school play next week and he's worried he won't be able to say his lines. 

- I've got a mountain of projects to photograph......

Much Love 




  1. Hey Frankie,
    Your trousers are great, and no, they don't attract attention for the wrong reasons. Trousers are very tricky to make and fit well (I speak from experience) and you've done a fantastic job.


    1. Aww than you I shall wear them with confidence!! X

  2. They look fab [and so does your bum, as you said!] NO ONE other than obsessive pattern-matching sewers would notice. Look at most RTW.... and I've been sewing for over 40 years and have only ever pattern matched on about 5 garments. Don't sweat it!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes skips pattern matching!! X

  3. you look good hun, don't sweat it.


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