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Deramores Knitted Unicorn Kit - Review

I love unicorns. They might just be my favourite animal ever. First person to say they are not real gets a smack in the chops.

So when Deramores asked me if I'd like to review their Luna the unicorn knitting kit I jumped at the chance because what could possibly be better than knitting your very own unicorn?

Knitting wise it was really quick to knit up. I'm a fairly slow knitter and I don't have the best concentration span but I found the pattern easy to follow and that it made the shapes I needed it to make very quickly. 

The pattern only uses two stitches so I didn't even need to ring my Nan to help me out reading the pattern. 

I'd definitely say that an advanced beginner could manage to make one up with minimal help from the internet/youtube.

The wool included is the anti pilling Deramores studio DK. It says on the label that its acrylic but it does not feel like cheap and nasty acrylic wool in any shape or form. Its very soft and lovely to use and I'm really tempted to pick up some balls for some baby knitting. 

You get 3 balls of wool in the kit. Each weighing 100g and its more than enough for making the unicorn. [Plus it also comes in a pink colour way!!] In fact Ihave a theory that you could make a second unicorn if you reversed the colours! [Good and Evil unicorns anyone?]

There is a few options for buying the pattern and kit. You can opt for the pattern only for £1.99 , which just means a digital copy of the pattern is sent to you or you can just buy the wool and pattern for £10.99. Or you can get the whole kit pattern, wool and stuffing for £12.99. 

I know a lot of people are not a fan of the whole "digital pattern" thing and for sewing I completely agreed because its just too much of a faff. However for knitting I don't actually mind it. For one its kinder on the environment than a paper pattern and secondly I always tend to save it to my tablet which means I'm less likely to misplace it. Plus because its on your emails there is no chance of you loosing it and never being able to find it again. Or you can just print it off as soon as it arrives in your inbox!

I didn't have any trouble with the actual knitting of the pattern however I did have a bit of difficulty when it came to making it up. Mine seems to have ended up with a VERY long neck [Almost giraffe standards]. I've had a look on line and no one else seems to have had this problem so I think I'm just going to assume that I can't read a knitting pattern properly and leave it at that. 

And another small change I made was to use my usual method of attaching the hair instead of the one they suggested. To be completely honest I had got half way through the head before I read the instructions and realised my method was different to theirs! 

Also my method of attaching the hair makes it quite robust when the unicorn is being played with. This type of hair can withstand gentle brushing and plaiting which is very important to little girls [and big ones] when they are playing. 

For the eyes you can buy plastic eyes from their website but I chose to use some small black buttons that had a shank on the end. I think they worked out fairly nicely and they saved me having to wait for a delivery. 

All in all I really enjoyed knitting up the unicorn and I especially enjoyed how simple the pattern was and how great the end result was. I typically make knitted toys that look a bit demonic so it was a nice change to make something that actually looked quite cute!

As far as the kit goes I do think its good value as all of the wool and stuffing is included. However its not the sort of kit I would buy as a gift because it doesn't include "everything" you need you make it up [knitting needles etc]. The lack of knitting needles didn't really bother me though because it uses a fairly standard size and I have them coming out of my ears! [probably from all the knitting kits I've brought over the years]

Although I wouldn't buy the kit as a gift I would buy the kit again so I could make one up as a gift. In fact If I get a move on I might make one of these for my niece for her birthday. She likes unicorns nearly as much as I do.

So all in all I think this was a very successful make I can see a few more of these in my future.

much love



disclaimer - Although deramores sent me this kit to review for free all the knitting and thoughts are my own. 

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