Sunday, 10 June 2018

7 Tips For taking Blog Photos

It does occur to me that I should have written this post for me made may when everyone was taking 100million selfies a day for instagram but hey ho! 

Personally I hate having my picture taken, I'm very awkward in front of a camera and have a pretty gawky smile. I especially hate candid pictures where people take them and I don't know because 60% of the time I'm talking and the other 40% I'm eating and neither of those things are flattering in picture form. 

But writing this blog and uploading to instagram has meant that I've had to get over my fear pretty quickly. So here's some of the tips I use to help me take pictures that I don't fell like deleting straight after!

1. Use Natural Light

I don't know what kind of magic it has behind it. But natural light is your best friend, we're not talking sunshine here just regular day time light preferably without a cloud in the sky! Even for bog standard selfies natural light can really help.

2. Have Someone Take It/ Don't 

This is completely up to you, but for me I hate having other people take my picture because Its too off putting so I do it myself. However I know a lot of bloggers who prefer to have a family member or friend take their pictures because they think it puts them at ease. 

3. Use a Tripod

I use a tripod because I take my own photos so Its an easy way of getting the camera at the right height. But even if a friends taking them for you a tripod can be useful to make sure the image doesn't blur so it comes out pin sharp. I got mine as an aldi special buy [but they also have cheap ones on amazon] and and the base plate is standard so it fits both of my cameras and I got a mount for my phone too.

4. Remote Control shutter

I have two of these now, a posh one that I use with my slr and a small one that will link to basically any phone or digital camera in the world and they are invaluable! Not only do I use them for my blog photos so I can take them by myself, but I also set up the camera on the tripod and the remote control at Christmas/birthdays. Basically I set up the camera in a corner of the room where it can see all three of us and then every now and again I'll click the remote to take a picture. Which means we get nice candid shots of us all opening our presents without one of us having to be behind the camera! 

5. Use Props

Sometimes just having something to hold in your hands can make you feel 100% more comfortable infront of the camera. And if your don't have a prop try placing one hand on your hip or waist.

6. Play Music

I always play music when I take pictures. I put on one of my favourite songs and try and move around a bit whilst clicking. Yes I get a lot of unusable shots but I also get some really nice ones. Plus its always nice to have a bit of a dance isn't it?

7. Put your weight on one foot

This is some advice my wedding photographer gave me on the big day. Putting your weight on one foot can instantly make your look thinner and more relaxed , You can also try holding your body on a slight angle rather than straight on because that's more flattering as well! 

Good Luck and happy picture taking!!! 

Much Love




  1. Just having a catch up Frankie. Been back over Me Made May and your big coat thingy. You have pink hair (I haven't been over for a while!) and you have bene very busy. I get the best pictures with my daughter Heidi aged 10 taking them and I always try and take them outside. If I am on my own I take them in our mahoosive bathroom which has a big window with the wooden louvre doors behind me and the camera on the bath surround - classy - I have spoilt the illusion now haven't I! Jo xxx

    1. If I took picture in my bathroom I'd end up with the toilet in the pictures!!!


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