Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Sewing Scissor Themed Gathered Skirt

I feel like with all the excitement of me made may and those short bursts of hot weather we've been having I've not been left with a lot of time for blogging. I have however found a lot of time for drinking wine and relaxing.

But I'm trying my best to catch up with all of my old projects and photographs. It does mean that my hair doesn't look like these pictures though. I don't miss this shade of pink but I went a nice candy floss colour a few days after this and I really liked that.

I made this skirt during me made may because I had spent a morning trying to find a skirt to wear and had realised that I only have winter skirts or a few summer skirts that I don't really like [because of the print or because they are too short] In fact I threw a bit of a tantrum and there were clothes everywhere and I nearly quit me made may there and then before I gave myself a stern talking too.

Anyway after a morning of being stroppy I decided to whip up a simple gathered skirt.

It zips up the back, naturally I used a zip I'd recycled from something else so it didn't have to stopper things at the start. Which meant when I sewed the zip in and then went to make sure I could pull it up I pulled the bloody thing off. Ever tried getting a zip pull back on? Not as easy as it looks. 

Anyway I after I got it back on, I sewed the ends into the lining so it doesn't pull off anymore. 

Gathers wise I used the two lines of basting stitches method. After much deliberation I decided that I like this way better than the zig zag over some string method because the gathers shift about these when your sewing them! 

The fabric is a scissor print by rose and hubble that my cousin/godmother got me for Christmas. I really like this print because its still quite neutral and the grey will go with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe. Plus its always nice to have clothes that reflect that I love sewing!!!! 

The skirt is made from 1m of fabric so the construction is really simple. I did take a lot of care in how I finished everything though. I made sure the sew the waistband neatly, I used interfacing and I did french seams on the side seams. 

The length is actually pretty good. Its short enough that it does that magic trick of making my legs look a bit longer BUT I can bend over in it without showing people all my goodies.

In other news! 

-  I finished knitting a unicorn last week so that should be on the blog soon, spoiler alert its really cute and I might have to become a crazy knitting lady. 

- I'm officially addicted the 'love island'. Yes I know theirs only been one episode and its about as trashy as telly can be but my lovely neighbours Chels and Aaron thought I might like it and well I do! Its very easy to watch with a glass of wine and some chocolate. Or well a lot of chocolate! And I can't wait to see what happens next! It does make me feel a bit bad though because all of the girls are dead tiny, toned and tanned and I'm just sat in a dressmaking gown munching my way through whatever chocolate I can lay my greedy little paws on!

- I'm at Aakhans Hanley this Saturday!!!! 12-3pm demonstrating how to make newlook 6390. I'll be making the dress up whilst I'm their and I'll be able to answer any questions about what fabrics to use and what sort of techniques you need to know! Hopefully I'll get the whole dress finished! So if your free pop on down! 

Much Love



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