Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Personal Style - Am I just playing dress up?????

As a kid I loved dressing up. I think most of that stemmed from me living in my own little world. 

But recently I filled in an online survey and it asked me to describe my personal style.

Am I? 


The list went on and I found that I couldn't find a category I fit into. And with me made may starting I began thinking more and more about what I wear. 

Which worried me a bit. Surely at the age of twenty five I should have a "style"? Instead I think I'm still playing dress up, sometimes I wear vintage inspired looks, sometimes I'm in something rock and roll and a bit goth. And at least 80% of the time I'm in some sort of jumper and jeans combo trying desperately to stay warm on the school run. 

This tutu is a prime example of how I change my clothes from day to day. One day I might be in a tutu and heels the next day I might be in jeans and one of my raglan jumpers.

In fact the only constant seems to be that my clothes are always handmade!

So maybe that's my style? Me made????? 

On the plus side at least I'm not keeping up with the trends and putting mountains of clothes in landfill. And I seriously doubt I'm ever going to get stuck in a style rut!

So do you have a style?

Do you want a signature style?

Or do you just like playing dress up?

Much Love 



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