Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Me Made May Week 3

I've still not repeated a me made item. Which either means I've got a good amount of clothes or I have too many!

Day 15 - tropical print crop top
pattern - gbsb

I layer these crop tops under my vest tops a lot. Its a cute outfit but nothing to write home about.

Day 16

Dress pattern - gbsb corset top and box pleat skirt
dress fabric - aunty shelias curtains

I can't remember what I did this day but I was worried that the skirt on this dress might be a bit short! Oh actually I can remember I popped to abakhans to get the bits for my next sewing demo whilst the boys shopped for a new chapter book for lil mans bedtime stories!

Day 17
Top pattern - Simple sew kimono dress worn tied as a top
top fabric - abakhans 

I think I did some sewing on this day? Not a clue. I like the top though, I tend to wear it more now as a cardi or a top rather than a dress.

Day 18 -  Liberty Print pencil skirt and Kinder cardigan
skirt Pattern - GBSB 
skirt Fabric Abakhans
Cardigan Fabric - Minerva

Okay so 1. I had forgotten how much I love this skirt, even if I did have to pin the waistband tighter with a safety pin and 2. This is the best colour my hair has been so far. If I were to go permanent this is the shade I'd want. 

Day 18 BONUS! 
Tie dye dress
Fabric - abakhans
Pattern - hacked GBSB cami 

I went out for drinks with the mums from school on friday and decided it was a nice oppourtunity to dress up a bit. So I wore this mini dress with my long cardigan [I'm happy to report that after it dawned on me how much I wear this cardigan I made myself one in grey]. I was a proper dirty stop out and didn't get to bed until about 1! But I had a great time!

Day 19 - Unicorn Jumper
Pattern - Prima
Fabric - adam ross
 When I woke up it was quite cold and I had a banging headache from the night before [Not from excessive alcohol consumption, I only had one glass of wine. Just because I had stayed up late and didn't sleep well.] I got changed into something lighter on top later and had an early night!

Day 20 
Dress pattern - cami dress hack GBSB
Dress fabric- Carboot
Cardigan pattern - Wendy ward Kinder Cardigan
Cardigan Fabric - Abkhans

This is the cardigan that I made the day before. I call this outfit I forgot to lay clothes out. Basically It was a Sunday and Rikki was on nights so by the time it was time for me to get dressed he was fast asleep and LORD KNOWS! you do not wake that man if he gets to sleep! So the cardigan I made the day before and the dress was fresh from the washing line!

Day 21 - Tartan Skirt
skirt pattern - prima
skirt fabric - Curtain

I made this skirt awhile ago and whilst I love it I've never worn it because I don't have many tops that look good with it. Luckily I realised I have a few more pale tops than last year so I tried it again. I actually really like this look. Its a bit preppy but I kind of like that! 

And that's my third week! 

My last week is going to be my last ten outfits and then I might do a post on whats missing from my wardrobe? And then try and fill those holes. 

To be honest though I kind of like where my wardrobe is at the minute. I have a good mixture of winter and summer clothes and I have a great selection of RTW items that I can pair with them. So I might just keep sewing fun clothes that I want to wear! 

What do you think? Fun clothes or practical?

Much Love 


P.S I totally want to wear my tutu in the last week and I think I have just the right occasion for it so watch this space!!!! 

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  1. Fab. I don't have as much as I used to. Fluctuating size doesn't help.


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