Monday, 30 April 2018

Crochet Hexagon Blanket

The weathers still a bit naff isn't it? I ironed all of my summer dresses last week and only had the chance to wear one. 

On the plus side there's been lots of good too, I picked up a load of vintage sewing patterns at the carboot this weekend and the washer and dryer have finally been taken out of the house so now I have the spare room back for taking outfit pictures! And me made may starts tomorrow which is always nice because I love seeing what the rest of the sewing world is wearing day to day.

Anyway I made this blanket ages ago. I've been trying to experiment with new crochet techniques recently. This is the basic granny square but done as a hexagon. So its not a huge step but at least I tried something different eh? 

Its only a small blanket and I'm not mad on the colour scheme but it did use up a lot of odds and sods of wool so I guess that's good. 

Size wise its not very big. Big enough for a baby or a small dog???? Yep I'm still trying to wear Rikki down to get me a dog of my own. I figure at some point he'll just get sick of me asking and whinging on.

For now its living in the cupboard. 

In other news! 

Ill be spending the rest of today taking pictures for blog posts! 

Apart from when I'm hoovering! 

Then I'll be editing my next you tube video! This ones about the vintage patterns I picked up at he carboot! Now I just need to get lots of nice fabrics so I can sew them up! 

One issue I;m having with the vintage patterns is that they smell a bit musty? So if anyone knows how to make them smell less musty please let me know!!! 

Much Love 



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  1. Love the blanket, never tried to crochet a hexagon! You could try lying your vintage patterns out with windows wide open, the smell could be they have absorbed moisture. If they are really bad you could trace them onto greaseproof paper, though that would be a pain!! Hope someone else has a better idea!


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