Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Me Made May Week 2

Hey Folks!

As if we've already done two weeks of me made may? This is where I usually start wanting to give up on wearing me mades, which is surprising because I wear me mades most of the time anyway!

But for those of you not on instagram or not following me here what my week in outfits looked like!

Day 8
Dress pattern - mccalls 7381
Dress fabric -  viscose from abakhans

Not gonna lie I have no idea what I did on this day. But apparently it was hot and I had hayfever. Im still in two minds about this dress, its lovely and cool to wear on hot days but I;m still not sure its really that flattering.

Day 9
Dress pattern - Butterick b6318

This was one of the mornings I really struggled with getting dressed. I challenged myself to wear as many different me mades as I could this year but it does mean I;m taking ages in the morning trying to pull an outfit together that's out of my comfort zone. On this particular morning I;d already had one outfit on and got changed 5 mins before we were due to leave for school! So naturally I pick up this dress and threw it on because I always feel pretty and confident in it. It also means that now instead of settling on an outfit the night before I give myself 2 options that are different and 1 old favourite! 

Day 10

Skirt pattern - prima magazine
Skirt fabric - Abkahans 

This was another morning where I struggled. I originally had this top on with a different skirt but the colours were a bit off so I switched for this one. The issue with the first skirt is that its very pale and I tend to wear darker colours so pale is out of my comfort skirt. It is on the pile to be worn next week however and I've put a couple of different tops to the side that I think might look good with it. To be honest though I didn't wear this all day. Later on I was struck with blooming awful period pain so I put on my jammies #noregrets  

Day 11

Skirt pattern - no pattern, just gathered skirt

I;d made this skirt the night before after despairing that all of my nice skirts were made from wool which is too warm for the changeable weather we are having. I really like the simple style and it worked well throughout the day. It also got to take a trip to our local doctors when lil man banged his nose! 

Day 12 

This is absolutely the dress of dreams. Its comfy its skims over my lumpy bits and the skirt doesn't blow up on a windy day! I can definitely see me making a whole wardrobe of these for day to day wear! 

Day 13
Dress Pattern - Audrey Dress
Dress fabric - linen from Abakhans
This is the day I dyed my hair pink. Its an idea I've been toying with for a while now and in the end I thought screw it and just did it! Its wash in wash out so it'll only last a few weeks but so far I really really like it! I chose a simple dress to let my freshly dyed hair shine through!

Day 14
Dress pattern lilou dress by tilly and the buttons
Dress fabric - abakhans 

This was a weird day. Number 1 it was a Monday so we had to trot ourselves off to school and it was lil mans first day back at school after bumping his nose [his "girlfriend" brought him sweets in because she'd been so worried about him!] and my first day seeing the other mums with pink hair. I saw one mum giggling and whispering with her friends whilst looking in my direction [ I'm not paranoid, I know they've laughed at things I've worn etc before so I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me again] and typically I just drop my head and don't say anything but this time I just stared the B***h down. Literally didn't take my eyes off her until she was bright red so she'd know I'd heard her. 

So there's not much more to go. At the moment my biggest issue is making sure my hair doesn't clash with my clothes! But I'm still on track so that's a good thing!

How are you doing with your pledge?

Much Love




  1. Love the day 9 dress the best! also loving the hair! when I go grey I shall have purple or pink hair (cant really do it with dark hair without the faff of bleaching it first!!)

  2. Loving day 12. As for the playground, the adults are worse than the kids. . .

  3. That's my girl, stare the bitch down :) xxx


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