Friday, 4 May 2018

Worry Monster

I'm a worrier, I worry about just about everything. In fact for the past week I've been waking up at 6.00am every morning worrying that my alarm hasn't gone off and we are going to be late for school. 
Even though we haven't been late to school at all [Yet, touch wood] not even on the day when the alarm actually didn't go off and we didn't get out of bed until 8am. And considering my son has two clocks in his room and can tell the time so knows when we need to be out of bed, its not something I really need to worry about. 

But still I do.

But funnily enough this worry monster isn't for me [Although I might make myself one] This one is for my cousins lil boy, he's not been very well over the past couple of years which fully sucks for a kid. And as a result he's started to worry. 

I happened to notice my cousin had tagged her husband in a post of kids worrying and offered to make him a worry monster. 

Okay so the way it works is, you write your worry on a piece of paper, pop it into the worry monsters mouth and zip the mouth up so he "eats it". I think its based on the "a problem shared is a problem halved" idea. 

But the main bonus is that as a parent you can look and see what your kid is actually worried about without having to have an awkward conversation with your kid [not that I think you should not talk to your children but we all know the older they get the less they like to verbalise their feelings.]

Its pretty easy to make one up but if anyone's interested I can write a tutorial?

I used felt to applique the eyes and the zip mouth has a pocket bag behind it. I'm not sure what this kind of pocket is but it was nice to stretch my skills on a project for a change. This kind of zip pocket should transfer over to my dress making as well. 

The whole thing is stuffed with kid friendly stuffing and is nice and squishy. I tried not to make it too babyish because the boy who is going to is growing up fast and I didn't want it to become obsolete too quickly. 

All in all I'm really pleased with how it turned out I just hope it does him some good. 

In other news!

- I'm enjoying me made may! I just wish the weather would pick up a bit. 

- I have a cold, I got absolutely soaked on Tuesday morning [after wearing a summer dress on Monday!!!] And I think I ended up with a cold because of it. It doesn't feel like hay fever and my throat hurts so if anyone has an cold remedies hit me up. 

 - I had a visit from my sister and brother in law last night and it was lovely, lots of laughs to be had!! 

- My camera has thrown yet another hissy fit, II think its down to the lense not the actual camera body but I need to have it checked out at a proper shop soon so I can test my theory. In the meantime it means I'm struggling to take outfit pictures! BOO! Luckily I've got a back log of posts to write so their shouldn't be any interruptions to regular blogging. 

Hope your all enjoying me made may! 

Much love Frankie 


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  1. What a great idea for a sick little boy - you really have no idea what kids are thinking and worrying about if they keep it to themselves.
    Like you, I'm a bit of a worrier too, and can worry about all sorts of things! I try not too, of course, as too much on the mind can keep you from dropping off to sleep at night.


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