Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Me Made May Week 1

Well the first week of Mays been a bit of a mare hasn't it? I think we've seen most of the seasons and a lot of different types of weather! So without further ado here's what I wore for the first week!

P.s I tend to do these roundups so I can see the issues with my me made wardrobe and for those of you who don't have instagram! Also all pictures are mirror selfies using my digital camera because my phone camera is naff.

Day 1
Dress pattern - newlook 6390

I really really love this dress and I feel all kinds of fabulous in it but BOY! Did I miss judge the weather on this day!!!  It looked this it was going to be a sunny toasty day so I did the school run only wearing a cardigan and I was FREEZING! So glad I had tights on at least.

Day 2
Jumper pattern , prima magazine

This was the day we had awful rain, and one of our brollies broke as we left the house. Needless to say the walk to school left me soaked and I couldn't get warm all day! The next day I 
ended up with a sore throat and a snotty nose.

Day 3
jumper fabric minerva crafts

I felt so rotten on this day. I was pretty impressed I stuck to my pledge and didn't just end up wearing a onesie. I still had a nice day though because my sister and brother in law popped over to see us before they went off on their big American adventure!

Day 4
Fabric - abakhans 

This was another pretty cold day so I wore my tape measure dress with tights and a cardigan to keep me warm. I love this fabric and I really want to use one of the other colourways to make another dress. 

Day 5
Dress pattern - simplicity k1418
Fabric - Carboot

This was our first proper sunny day. I've been trying to help lil man gain confidence on his bike so this dress ran up and down our road a few times! Its a great dress and one of those rare occasions where I hemmed it to the right length. The thick hem also means that the hem is heavy so it doesn't blow up.

Day 6

Fabric - gift from friend pin_n_tonic [similar here]

This dress is one of my oldest makes and its starting to show. A lot of the lace is starting to rip but I still love it!!! Note to self make another! 
This dress was worn for yet more bike riding practise and Rikkis Nan and Grandad coming over. By this point I'm already sick of the warm weather ! ITS TOO HOT!

Day 7 

Dress pattern Lilou Bodice with box pleat skirt

I wore this for a day in the sun at Rikkis Mum and Dads where I spent most of my time sat in the shade drinking lots of water trying to stay hydrated! We had a lot of fun playing in the garden and Rikki proved himself to be quite the hula hoop master!!! I didn't burn apart from on my back a lil smidge so I'm counting that as a win. I did wonder if the dress was a bit short but I wore it with a slip and I soon got used to having my legs out. I love the fabric and it makes me want to have a wardrobe full of Hawaiian print dresses.  

And that's it for week one! 

As much as I love the sun I'd forgotten how much it makes me struggle with my hay fever and sleeping at night. 

With regards to me me made's I'm finding that I do wear lots of them but I still have a few rtw items that I fall back on and should probably try and recreate. For example my black cardigan. 

How are you doing with me made may?

And how are you coping with the weather!!!?

Much Love 



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  1. I had to do a backwards nosey after seeing the first, (last), post. You've done a fab job of MMM.


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