Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Failed GBSB Jumper

I feel like I'm showing you more and more projects are are failures. 

Maybe it's because I'm getting more experimental with my pattern choices in my old age. 

I made this jumper to use up the last bits of this safety pin fabric I had from sewalicious. But I didn't have enough for the sleeves so I decided to use this tartan ponte that I recycled from an old dress and have some other pits of the safety pin fabric as the cuffs. 

The pattern is the Breton top from the fourth gbsb book. Its actually only the second pattern I've made from this book this first being my asymmetric skirt.....which um also failed.  

The patterns quick enough to put together [It doesn't have the  cuffs I added then in myself] But I'm not in love with it. Maybe its my fabric choices [I though the safety pins and the tartan was a nice nod to punk rock] or that its such a loose fit. But I kind of wish I'd just tried to squeeze out another raglan jumper.

Oh that's an attractive face. That my how much do I hate this is it worth binning or shall I just save it for slogging about in?

I made it on my overlocker so it took about an hour so Its not like I've lost a whole day of sewing to something I hate. 

I posted it on instagram and a few people said they thought it was okay. So maybe I'm just being overly critical? 

That said I can't really see myself wearing it a lot. But I have no idea what I could do to refashion it?

I did try taking a photo with the cuff tucked up. I added the cuffs because I couldn't get the whole length of the sleeves from my recycled fabric so I thought I'd need to add some extra on......But LOLZ I have short arms so apparently not. 

Son which do you prefer with or without the cuffs?

Much Love 



  1. I think it's better than you think it is, if you know what I mean! But I prefer it without the cuffs. I'd take them off, and if you've got any of the tartan left, how about a hem band or neck band in that?

  2. Without the cuffs and I agree maybe neck band and hem band in tartan or a 3d tartan flower on the top left or a pocket either side on the bottom?.... or failing that just bung it on eBay or Facebook and flog it, then buy more fabric with the money and make something else....just because it’s not your cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s xx

  3. Tak8ng off the cuffs definitely improves it.

    1. I'm putting take the cuffs off on my to do list x

  4. I would take off the red sleeves and wear it with a black shirt under

  5. I agree with Penelope, I would lose the tartan and make it short sleeved. I think the basic shape of the body part looks good. X

    1. See I wonde4ed if the shape was a bit boxy? X

  6. I agree with Penelope too, make it short sleeved �� xxx

  7. Short sleeved is the way to go I reckon. Jo x

  8. Agreed, chop the tartan. the body looks like it fits fine, but the sleeves look massive. Chop em off and have a short sleeve just and a long sleeve top underneath :)


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