Friday, 20 April 2018

Vintage Knitting Patterns

My Nans come to stay with my mum this week and she came armed with this! 

OH whats that? Well its a big leather wallet filled to the brim with........


Some newer ones and lots and lots of vintage ones! I can't show you all of them because LOLZ don't have all the time in the world but here are some of my favourites!

It doesn't have a date on it but judging by the bee hive I'd say 60's maybe? I am so on board with this jumper it hurts! I'm thinking of making it in grey or red???? 

I had no idea jeager did knitting patterns ?

This pattern is designed for teenagers and I think you can tell that its old based on how wholesome the teenagers look! I also like this jumper too and its has POCKETS!!!! 

I don't have a knitting machine which is what these patterns require but this is the only pattern I could find that was dated. 1959! That's pretty old!

How cute are these baby knitting patterns, I really like the booties and I'm always trying to find new baby bootee patterns.

I also like this cardigan a lot. That collar looks perfect for keeping the cold out. I love how we are starting the warm season and I'm talking about how to stay warm.

Okay so I'm not that keen on this pattern but I'm tempted to make them up so me and Rikki can pose like the couple in the picture. I'd have to buy two dogs but I don't see that as being a hardship do you?

Also can we talk about how miffed this poor woman is that she doesn't get to hold the pug? She really wanted the pug its written all over her face and the guy knows it!!! 

I've really be enjoying looking through the patterns and I can't wait to make one up! 

Whats the oldest knitting pattern you have?

Much Love Frankie 


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