Monday, 23 April 2018

Korbond Crafters Carry Tote

One of the problems of being crafty is the mess. Its the root of many an argument between me and Rikki. But in my defence I have a lot of stuff! And I have been making an effort to be tidier recently. But in my effort to be tidier I seemed to end up with a lot of bags, a bag for my knitting, one for my sewing, one for my writing and blogging stuff, one for my tech stuff……… You get the picture!

Then the folks at Korbond were kind enough to send me their crafters carry tote to try. Now at first I was sceptical, I mean I’ve already got my excellent “many bags” system in place. In fact I’d even mentioned that if I didn’t get on with it, Rikki could have it to store his game controllers and games in.

I should really stop making promises I can’t keep……

I started off by seeing what I could fit in it and so far its contains:

My latest knitting project [And it has a massive ball of wool]
My bullet journal
My blog notebook
Knitting accessories [stitch markers, Stitch holders etc]
Retractable tape measure
Two pairs of scissors
Video Camera and cables
Small Digital Camera and cables
Large SLR Camera
Soft tape measure
Headphones [The massive kind!]
Knitting Pattern
Secret bar of chocolate hidden at the bottom that the boys don’t know about.

In essence it pretty much holds everything that was in my other “many bags” system.

And its already more practical than my tote bags system. For one everything is separated into its own pocket. The tote has 6 outside pockets and the inside is spilt off into three sections. The largest inside section has my knitting project in it, the two smaller sections have my electronics and I use the outside pockets for storing all my notebooks and other bits. I’m not saying where the chocolate bar is hidden in case someone tells the boys!!!

Its made of a thick grey felt and looks very modern. Its not out of place in out living room which is good because it spends 80% of its time sat next to my chair so I can easily reach my things. In fact I’m wondering about getting a second one to store all Rikkis things in and then a third one for storing all of lil man’s things!

The flat base means you can plonk it down anywhere without it toppling over [a problem I was always having with my tote bags] and so far its been on a few excursions away from my chair! Its been into the garden so I’ve got something to do whilst Lil man plays football. Its been chucked in the car in case I get bored on a long car journey and it gets taken upstairs very often so I can write notes or knit in bed. Its been really useful on the days where Rikki is on nights and comes in as I’m getting out of bed in the morning. Instead of trying to gather everything up only to realise that I have my knitting but no pattern I just put everything in here and then I only have one thing to carry out of the bedroom in the morning!

The tote is fromKorbonds House of Textures collection which launches in July. I’ve seen it in person and its definitely worth a look! Think practical sewing boxes made up in fabrics that wouldn’t look out of place in a saville row tailors shop. They are absolutely gorgeous! There is also going to be some sewing type trinket boxes in the range which would be perfect for housing sentimental sewing bits, like notes from sewing friends and your grandmas thimble! Or you know as gifts for people who like sewing.

All in all I really love the whole range and I especially love this tote! Sorry Rikki looks like you’ve missed out on this one! Maybe next time!

Much Love


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