Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Embroidered Cushions - David Bowie and Rosie the Riveter

I'm finally getting back on top of everything I want to do! 

After Lil man being ill and then being off for two weeks I haven't had much time for sewing..... Or knitting..... Or reading.......Or anything really! 

These cushions are samples I've made for my demonstration at Abakhans Hanley on Saturday the 21st of April! I'll be there demonstrating how to make hand embroidered cushions from 12-3pm.

My general idea is to show that embroidery can be modern and fun! This David Bowie one looks complicated but is actually pretty quick to sew up! Plus the random splashes of colour mean you can use all the odds and sods and smalls bits of thread left over from other embroidery projects. 

I did this kind of back on them, I think its called an envelope back? I like this style because it doesn't require zips or buttons, both of which get broken in our house because lil hands like to play with them. Also in my experience these are the quickest to whip of if a drink gets spilled or a small child throws up on it.

This one is based on the idea of Rosie the riveter because well #Girl Power!

I kept this one really simple the outline is done in one colour and then the lips and rose are in red and the leaves are in green. 

My mum is quite taken with this one so I'll probably give it to her after the demo. 

I've backed each of the embroideries with a piece of fabric so the backs can't be seen. This just protects the stitches a bit from the wear and tear of taking the cushion insert in and out. 

Speaking of cushion inserts mine are super lumpy! I didn't have any to hand so I ended up just stuffing them with what I could find! 

In other news! 

My camera just had a divvy fit and decided to give me and error code and stop working! Luckily EVERYTHING is on the Internet know so I was able to fix it myself. Turns out its just standard wear and tear. It was pretty terrifying though because It made me realise how much I actually rely on having a decent camera! It also made me realise that this camera is nearly ten years old! 

Summers trying to come through. I finished a really summery dress yesterday and all I want to do is put it on and twirl around. However its too cold so instead I'm sat in jeans and one of my me made jumpers! 

Now I just need to decided what to embroider on the day! Any suggestions?

And if you get a chance pop down and say hi!

Much Love



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