Saturday, 6 January 2018

#Makenine2017 Review

It doesn't seem five minutes ago that I was planning what I wanted to make in 2017. and these where the patterns that made it onto my make nine list! 

So lets see what I actually got around to making!

[from left to right]

Simple sew kimono dress. Yep I made another one of these this year [as yet unblogged] and I have plans for more! 

Jackie 0 jacket. Yep I made this and even filmed a cheeky video about the process! 

Prima Wrap skirt - I've got a denim one of these and a tartan one. I know I made the tartan one this year but I'm not sure if the denim one was the year before? 

Remake Flamingo dress. I decided to skip this one. Just because I couldn't really find a fabric I loved for it. 

Vogue 8974 -Yep I made this pattern twice. One was successful and the other sucked! 

GBSB wrap dress. I now have another two of these in my wardrobe! A red velvet version and a as yet unblogged black velvet version.

Halter neck top dress. I didn't get round to this. Whilst I like the idea in my head I'm not sure it would get a lot of wear? Which makes it a bit of a pointless make. 

Prima Raglan top. Yep I made a few of these [some blogged some not] and I want to make some more this year. Just as soon as I find some awesome cotton prints!

Simple sew Lily dress. Yet again this is one that I didn't make because I couldn't find the right fabric. I want something brocadey but not too thick? Any ideas?

And that's it! I guess now I just have to get all of my patterns out and work out what I'm going to make next year! GULP!

Much Love



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