Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Pattern Hacked Tie Back Top

I love the old saying business in the front party in the back because well who doesn't love a party?

party in the back

This top was the original inspiration for my make. 
I found it on pinterest but you can view the whole article here!

I loved the style though and I thought it might be fun to recreate. 

Let me start by saying I HATE this top from the front I think its the most unflattering thing ever! [Sorry about the white on white pictures! But I have nowhere else to take them!]

But I started with a prima pattern for a basic long sleeved shell top and then  basically drafted in some ties and made the back into a deep v. As usual for me I completely forgot to take progress photos! 

Now I don't know what the front of their top looks like but If I were to make it again Id say I either need to add waist darts/shorten the length to waist, OR I need to make it in a jersey? OR maybe the neckline just needs to be lowered a bit? I dunno and to be honest as soon as I'd started to make it I was already sort of bored with the idea.

Its not super flattering from the side either. The top has bust darts but I'm wondering if I should have gone up a size? Waist darts are definitely needed look at all that excess fabric!!! 

Speaking of fabric I used a medium weight peach skin type thing and the main body of the top is lined. In hindsight I think that its a bit too stiff for this sort of top and that it needs something softer. The trouble is you need something soft enough to be flattering on the boob area [after all I am bra free and the tatas don't hang like they used to] but it needs a enough body to be able to make a cute bow. 

The back isn't awful compared to the rest of it. I think If I loose a few inches off the bottom it will sit better on my waist and just look nicer.

The bows a good length though theirs not too much hanging down so I'm happy with that part. 

I'm not sure its a pattern idea that I'll go straight back too but I can see myself tweaking with it in the future. Although I did promise myself I would only make practical clothes this year and their is nothing practical about an open back top that you can't wear a bra with. Unless your going for some sort of breast examination? In which case this would be the top to wear. 

Anyways all in all I'd say this is a fairly pants make. I love the idea but the fabric just didn't work and the pattern needs some major tweaking! 

In other news! 

- I'm currently ready 1984 by George Orwell. I've read it before but its been a few years and I;m already completely gripped by it! 

- I'm currently listening to Oasis on vinyl. After much hinting Rikki got me this for Xmas and I LOVE it! 

- I've not had more sewing on the go due to our tumble dryer pitching a fit meaning I can pre-wash fabric but I can't sew it up! Hopefully we get it sorted soon because the washing pile is becoming a problem. 

- I have however been trying to finish my cross stitch project. Hopefully I can put in a solid hour or so tonight and then it might actually be finished soon. 

Much Love 



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