Sunday, 21 January 2018

BB8 Orla Dress

I don't ever remember not knowing about star wars? I think that must be a side effect of having an older brother and sister who were both big fans. Which also means I never had the shocking "Luke I am your father" moment either because I always knew. 

I don't know how many times I've seen the original three movies [ya know the best ones!] and I've seen the next three a fair amount too [can we appreciate how gorgeous Ewan Mcgregor was as Obi Wan Kenobi for a minute please? ]

But I've only seen the first of the new ones so far. I think I had a bit of a "OMG THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN STAR WARS MOMENT" As it goes I did quite enjoy it so I really do need to get around to watching the last two!

Which is why when the Craft Cotton Company sent me this BB8 fabric I was chuffed! I decided to use it as an excuse to make a cute dress and introduce my lil boy to star wars! [Obviously whilst wearing the dress!]

Because its such a busy print I decided to opt for a really simple dress pattern. I chose to use the Orla Dress Pattern by French Navy Now [This pattern is actually free!!! So GO GO GO!]

The pattern is really simple, it had two darts in the front bodice, cute capped sleeves and a gathered skirt. Its also meant to have a zip in the back but after the success of my button back, Mr men, orla dress I decided to do another button up version.

Because of the busy print you can't really see the button placket or the buttons. In hindsight it might have been really cool to do a orange button placket to make it stand out a bit more but so it would still match the print. 

That said I do really like the button placket on this dress and the fact that I only need to undo the waist button to pull it over my head. 

You can sort of see the buttons I used here [although they do blend in very well!] They are small mosaic style buttons that came from my friends mums house. I don't think I'd use them but they sort of remind me of lil bb8s so they are perfect for this project. 

Normally I'm a fitted girl through and through but I really like the boxy loose style of the Orla dress and its a great pattern for show casing fun prints! The only changes I made to this pattern are to add the button back and to line the bodice. I always line my bodices because I think it creates a neater finish and lets face it with living in cold England an extra layer of fabric/warmth never goes amiss! Even in summer!!

The gathered skirt isn't as full as I normally go for but I have noticed it doesn't blow up as much in the wind. So maybe a skinnier gathered skirt is the way to go dignity wise!

The fabric is cotton so it behaves beautifully when your sewing it. As much as I love sewing with tricky fabrics and textures sometimes its just so nice to throw something together with a fabric that doesn't shift and holds a crease when you want it too!

 And I like how the print just looks like a crazy geometric deign from the distance. It means the dress will be a lot more wearable in the summer months.

And that's it really. I love making summer dresses like these but it does make me wish it was summer already! 

This morning we woke up to SNOW! Although its stopped now and it doesn't seem to be sticking which is a bit gutting because I was hoping school would be cancelled.

In other news! 

Our tumble dryer is sort of working! It makes a loud banging noise but its drying clothes so that's good.

However then the washing machine started fritzing. It was draining but not as much as it should be. Anyway Rikki pulled it out of its hole put it on its side and after about an hour and a half of swearing and banging he proudly came into the living room brandishing a sock that had been caught in the filter! Which begs the question how on earth did it get there? I've had a good look and I can't see anyway of a sock escaping the drum? And it wasn't even a kids sock, which are small and easily misplaced it was an ADULT sock! 

But now that's fixed I've been working on pre washing the small pile of fabric that I brought from the Abakhans Sale! A full video of the fabric I brought went up on my you tube a few days ago and you can find it here! 


I warn you though Its a long one!!! So make a brew and enjoy!

Much Love 




  1. I love the dress. I wish I was only 25 so I could wear it too.

    1. You could defo get away with it no matter what your age! Star wars has no age limit!!! x


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