Friday, 12 January 2018

DMC Embroidered Tablecloth

I picked this embroidered table cloth kit in a charity shop ages ago, I'm not exactly sure when I brought it but I know I've been slowly working on it bit by bit since 24th July 2017.

I paid two whole English pounds for it and luckily the entire kit was intact and it said on the back that the original price was around £20.

I love having a slow sewing project to do and this one was perfect.

It came with the table cloth back ground with the design mark on in some sort of blue stuff? Which I'm now struggling to get the blue stuff off though, I thought it might be like an iron away type thing but it isn't. Rikki suggested that maybe I could try washing it away but I'm not sure I trust embroidery to stand up to a good scrub. Any suggestions?  

The pattern is of little yellow flowers and daisies. The kit came with all of the threads include but it was a bit touch and go as to if the yellow threads were going to run out or not.

A lot of the pattern was back stitch or satin stitch. I really enjoyed watching my satin stitch improve over time. 

I used my Grandmas wooden embroidery hoop to keep everything taut as I was sewing. It was a complete life saver. I;m not sure I could have kept things looking neat without it. 

Rikkis Nan actually spotted this project and thought it might be a change from cross stitch [she's a huge cross stitch fan!] so we got her one of her own for Christmas and now I'm thinking I might need another one to do for myself! 

I sewed a lot of this while watching "The Handmaidens Tale" it was a great project for watching telly because it keeps your brain fairly free. 

In other news! 

- Well to be honest there's not a lot of news? I brought some new thigh high boots. I wore the pair I brought last year to death so it seemed like a fairly sensible purchase.

-I've got a whole night of sewing ahead of me which is pretty exciting. 

- And that's it really! 

Much Love




  1. Aw my Mum made that tablecloth too! I have it here now :) And the blue print should wash off in the washing machine. It's lovely! Sue.

    1. Omgosh what I small world! Oh I'll give it a wash then! x


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