Monday, 8 January 2018

Off the Shoulder Tops

I loves an off the shoulder top. Which is surprising considering you have the whole strapless bra faff and I hate strapless bras.

But I do love the off the shoulder look. Previously I drafted my own pattern straight onto the fabric but it was a bit of a mare trying to work all the maths out and I'd much rather just use a paper pattern.

So when a friend sent me a copy of a prima pattern for an off the shoulder top I was pretty chuffed! Because well half the works done then really isn't it.

I cut my standard prima size which is a 12 but for some reason it still feels a bit snug which sucks.

I mean its wearable but its clear the pattern needs a bit more tweaking. For a start I'm going to add some width to the front to make it more blousey

And I definitely think it will be worth tweaking it to make it perfect because they sew up really fast. And because I've been meaning to make more tops!

The fabric for the first version is just come cotton that I cut off the back of some curtains. It's pretty soft and I like the delicate pattern of leaves the only issue is the cotton is a bit thin so I've had to wear it with a white corset body thing underneath.

For the second version I used a dotted cotton that came from my friend Steves Nans house. Yet again its a bit see through.

For these pictures I tried it not off the shoulder [which kind of defeats the object of making an off the shoulder top but hey ho!] and I think it looks kind of cute? Like a col twist on a tshirt? and it means its a bit less restrictive to wear.

All in all I wouldn't call them hugely successful makes. I might get some wear out of them in the summer but they are far from the perfect off the shoulder tops I was hoping for.

Although in the pictures they don't look too bad so maybe I need to get them out and take a second look to re-evaluate. 

In other news!!! 

- I'm catching up with all of my xmas telly that I recorded. So far I'm catching up with teen mom and I'm not sure I can cope with the drama! 

Much Love 

Frankie xxx

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