Monday, 5 December 2016

Easy Diagonal Baby Blanket

I loves a easy baby blanket and this one is an absolute breeze to knit. You can ritz it up by using posh stitches are you can keep it simple like I have and use garter stitch!

You can be fancy and buy some lush chunky wool or you can be thrifty like I have and use odds and sods from your knitting basket doubled up!

And in all seriousness if you find yourself in a tight spot you can bust one of these out with like a day of solid knitting!!!! 

Anyway here's a brief tutorial on how to make this blanket.

Garter Stitch Diagonal Baby Blanket

*Use 6mm needles
*Use chunky wool or two strands of regular wool

*Cast on 3 stitches
*Work each row in garter stitch increasing 1 stitch at the end of each row
*Continue knitting in this manner until one of the shorter edges of the blanket is the width you would like your blanket to be
*Now decrease 1 stitch at the end of every row until only three remain.
*Cast off
*optional* crochet a border

In other news! Boy was it freezing this morning! I honestly felt like my toes might drop off! 
I am however wearing a pretty snazzy new make in the hopes of photographing it later so that cheered me up!
And I posted a new video this week of what I'm planning on making in December! 

Obviously though I've not included Christmas presents because that would ruin the surprise!!!!

Much Love




  1. Super blanket, I've just crocheted my first blanket (due to having an op) and I love it, haven't attempted knitting though, maybe one day x

    1. I love crochet blankets, we were given a beautiful sea shell pattern one when our son wad born and I still have it! X


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