Monday, 19 December 2016

The Highs of 2016

Okay so this was going to be the Highs and Lows of 2016 but I read every single blog post I've written since January of this year and I only found two real lows? And they are less lows and more learning curves so I've decided to just focus on the highs!!!

- Writing Tutorials, I've absolutely loved working with the craft cotton company writing tutorials and I hope I'll be able to continue doing it in the future.

- Gifting baby quilts! I'm loving my new little tradition of making baby quilts for the new arrivals! And as of last night I've just pieced the top for quilt number 5!

Vintage style party dress! - I don't know what else to say I LOVE THIS DRESS! In fact I might whip it out for Christmas day!

- Finished Miette Cardigan, I am so proud that I actually finished knitting an actual garment for myself. I never thought my knitting would be good enough to make myself an item of clothing! 

Tartan Skirt with full back zip - I am all kinds of sassy in this skirt and its become my feel good outfit. I love wearing it and it receives no end of compliments from other people!!! 

African Wax Print dresses, Okay so I love all of them but this one in particular is my absolute favourite! Now if my local Abakhans fabrics could just get some more of the fabric in stock that would be awesome! 

Gingham Lakeside Pjs - Shall we just refer to this as the project that made me face my fear of bias binding? But in all seriousness I love these jammies and wear them all the time! including on my wedding morning! 

Gingham dress with faux button placket - this was just a project that I immediately fell in love with. Summer or winter you can pretty much guarantee I'll have this dress on! And I'm still envisioning versions in red and blue!!!! 

working with bigger companies! -this year I've had the pleasure of working with abakhans, sew essential and the craft cotton company, this is something I definitely hope I can keep doing! 

Getting married! Well its wouldn't be highs list without my wedding day now would it? There's not much more I can say about it all but it was truly one of the most wonderful days of my life! 

VEGAS BABY! And the final highlight of the year was going to last Vegas! which I seriously loved! FYI I'm planning on doing a how to survive Vegas post at some point! But I think the best part of Vegas was realising I had an awesome holiday wardrobe and that most of it had been made by me. 

Much Love and here's to hoping that 2017 is even better!!!




  1. Well done on your sewing projects and project 'Baldwin' this year, I truly love coming to see a young person (I mean soooo much younger than me) making her own wardrobe. See you next year, and that might be true. I have a pass for CHSI Jo xxx

    1. Omg That awesome! Are they doing the Blogger breakfast I dont think my ticket included that part! But I'd love to meet up? X

  2. You have had some awesome highlights, looking back over the year is so satisfying, I don't have a blog but I have wrote all my makes down (this is the first year) and feel proud of what I've achieved but I did have some utter disasters. Your wedding and honeymoon must have amazing. Happy Christmas to you and your family and look forward to seeing more in 2017 xx

    1. I love that your writing down your makes! That's why I started my blog because I didn't have a written record of what I was doing and as a new mum I didn't feel like I was achieving much! X


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