Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Top Tips For Learning to Sew

Okay so I thought it might be nice to put together a list of top tips for learning to sew in case any beginners stumble upon my blog! [and feel free to add your own tips in the comments!]

1. Get yourself a sewing machine - Or even better borrow one from a friend or family member. That way if it turns out you hate sewing then you haven't forked your hard earned cash out. However if you do decided to buy make sure you do your research and see if you can try before you buy.

2. Find yourself a sewing book - I recommend "Love at first stitch" by Tilly and the buttons Its go some very simple projects in it and it covers everything from zips to buttonholes in great detail. Its very hand holdy but I think that's what you need when your learning a new skill! Just be sure to try something a bit harder when you've finished it.

3. Get some fabric, don't spend a fortune but get something you actually like, look at what the pattern recommendations. Also remember you don't have to go to a fabric shop although it is fun!!!! you can also use fun bedding sets as fabric! and its super cheap too!

4. Read the pattern instructions one before you start sewing! That way you can google anything you don't understand!

5. Make sure you measure yourself properly! In fact try and get someone else to measure you, remember not to breathe in and don't focus on the numbers on the tape measure! When you sew for yourself the only size you are is SASSY!

6. Take your time, double check everything! Your cutting out, Your pinning! Where your going to be sewing. Then when you finally sit down at your machine go SLOWLY.  

7. Keep checking the fit. It's perfectly acceptable to sit and sew in your pants you know [just be sure to draw your curtains.

8. Be prepared to unpick, everyone makes mistakes!

9. Make sewing friends, whether you join a local group or just follow some people in instagram or join a Facebook group, these people can offer you advice and help you venture into the world of sewing!

Anyway I hope the beginners out there found it helpful! 

and if you have your own tips I;d love to read them!

Much Love




  1. Super tips, my seam ripper is my bestfriend!!

    1. There is no tool in the that can beat a good seam ripper!!! X


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