Saturday, 17 December 2016

Rodney the Reindeer

So its been like a week since my last post, what can I say Christmas guys, Christmas. I literally haven't stopped. But I think we are finally ready and hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly again, at least until actual Christmas hits!

Anyway I actually made this about a week into December and its been sat under my tree ever since. And since then its just been waiting for me to write the post!

Okay so the pattern was free with Love sewing Magazine and much to my disgust it wasn't actually physically included, the instructions were but they actual pattern pieces had to be downloaded and printed off.

I dont want to sound like a drama queen but this really cheesed me off! I mean I get it. save the trees and stuff but when I'm buying a sewing magazine for near on 6 quid I don't expect to have to print off the pattern myself.  

Anyway our printer is broken so I waited patiently until we were driving past currys and "oh why don't we have a look?" and "oh that's a good deal on a printer"..................... Just to clarify we did not buy a new printer so I could print of a sewing pattern [or at least that's what I told Rikki when this was sat on the paper tray less than three minutes after he'd set it up.]

So yeah I printed it off and taped it together [yet another pet peev] and then I cut it out.

The fabrics is a mixed bag, the white and red snowflake print is from the craft cotton company, the bells are vintage from my grandmas stash and the tartan is a scrap from this skirt. The bell on the nose wasn't part of the pattern but I added it because the nose was kind of a funky shape and it kind of looked like a horse. In fact the whole pattern wasn't quite as cute as I expected, the nose is pretty long and the legs felt super clunky. But I'm pretty sure its just me and my sucky toy making skills rather than the actual pattern.

I'm also still not sure why he has a neckerchief? I mean its cute but hes not a cowboy?

The antlers however are awesome, I love them so much and they luckily do make this look like a reindeer! 

Anyway as much as its not as cute as the one in the magazine I do still love it!!!  

In other news , all of the Christmas wrapping is done [and I got a Chinese for my trouble] and now we are just gearing up for our influx of Christmas visitors.

Lil man has finished school and had an awesome last two weeks with his nativity and school trips and none uniforms days! And I've been trying to teach him what a lie in is.................. So far he doesn't quite get it.................

The house is Christmased to max which is nice although its not leaving me a lot of time for sewing and other things!

I've also made two pretty awesome clothing items but lo and behold our spare room as chocker with presents so I can't take pictures yet! [here's a giggle for you, we are using Rikkis present sorting system this year which he proudly showed me last week whilst telling em how brilliant it is compared to my old system..... the difference........ he put our presents on a different side of the room!..... I mean seriously he just switched which sides the presents were on...............] 

Anyway much love! 

And if I don't get chance to say it closer to the time I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa leaved you lots of lovely sewing goodies in your stocking!!!!

Frankie xxxx


  1. What is a super cute reindeer!! Ps I share your aggro with magazines having patterns as downloads though it does make me use them after I have to go to the effort of printing them otherwise they do tend to join that pile of patterns I will make 'one day' !!!!!!

    1. Yes! I feel your pain, every now and again I take another look at the magazines just to see if I missed anything good! X

  2. Utterly agree with the mag issue, I don't buy it anymore, I used to keep all the template sheets and flick through them but once it become download I never really printed any so now will never use them. Your reindeer is so gorgeous, I love that he is patchwork and has a bell nose x

    1. I only te.d to buy them now if I really love the free pattern! I'm really glad I added the bell nose! Luckily fir me rikkis Xmas socks disintegrated in the wash so I had one to hand! X


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