Saturday, 10 December 2016

Lace Knit Beret

There's 15 sleeps until Christmas guys! can we say excited? Hands up if you haven't finished wrapping!? Hands up if you haven't finished buying?! Hands up if you haven't written a single Christmas card?????????????? My hand is firmly up for all of these!

Yeah I really need to sort myself out because we all know I've had time for sewing and knitting.....

Anyway! This beret mainly came about because I'm getting thoroughly sick of my old hand knit hat [If you read that blog please forgive my hideous spelling errors! if I were a proper blogger I'd go and fix all the spelling errors in my old posts but LOL! I'd rather be sewing!] 

Anyway the wool for this was a Aran that I got from a shop in Hanley market. In the shop I thought it was Raspberry which had me getting my prince on and singing raspberry beret. And then I got it home and its more of a purple pink rather than Raspberry.

The pattern was from a copy of a Lets knit bookazine, which I had off Rikkis Nan and I'm pretty sure she had it off Aunty Mary. Its a pretty simple pattern even though its lace work and I actually reached the point where I memorised the pattern! 

And yeah its a hat I just sat and followed the pattern like a good little egg [I find it highly amusing that when I sew I throw caution to the wind and do it my way but that when I knit I follow the pattern to the letter!!!!]

In other news, 

I'm exhausted I'm not quite sure what happened but I'm so tired its unreal!

I'm on season four of lost and I'm hooked its just sooo freaking bizarre! I am however on a time limit to finish watching it because we are switching from sky to virgin in January!

And that it really!

Much Love



  1. HI Frankie, I have been out of hte world of IT for a while as I have lost everything on my hardrive and work is really hard with out lesson plans! Anyway here now, to see your fabulous hat. Jo x

    1. I feel your pain! We lost our Internet fir two weeks and it was awful! Sorry to hear you've list your lesson plans! I take it that means your work loaf is doubled at the minute?!

  2. Super hat, I love the lace look and colour, I tried to knit once but it didn't go well :( might try again one day, I haven't done or wrapping either, most pressies are brought though I just keep putting off the boring jobs x

    1. I'm the same with crochet I just can't get myself around it! And it's soo gutting when I see really cute crochet stuff on people's blogs! X


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