Monday, 5 September 2016

Simple Sew #009 Jackie O Jacket

I love chanel. In fact I love designer. I don't buy designer but I still love it. I can even pin point the exact moment I fell in love with it. 

I'd been obsessed with clothes for years but when I was about 11? I was a remember of a swim team and we used to do a lot of race meets and we used to go by coach. Which was frigging torture.... For some reason every single other girl [and boy] thought it was the most fun thing in the world to take the mick out of me and just generally be awful human beings. 

And then one day after actually hearing these kids be horrible to me, my mum gave me a stack of magazines, and my sister gave me here old cassette player and a bon jovi tape. And that was it now I didn't have to listen anymore, Now I could just read and listen to good music! 

And it gave me a little bit of respect because "OMG frankie has vogue, instyle, glamour, and marie claire, If I'm nice to her today [ya know like an actual human being!] she'll let me look at one on the way back?"

And that little trip down memory lane explains where my love of designer came from!!!! 


I'm trying to use more of my patterns, I seem to have gone from having about three to having quite the little collection and I hardly seem to use any of them. Especially the ones that come free with magazines.

Anyway I made this jacket because I had a little bit of this houndstooth fabric left from making my wool cape. The fabric is from Abakhans and I used the looser weave for my cape and decided to use the slightly more matted side for this.

Anyway It all came together pretty quickly, the pattern is easy to follow even if there are not any pattern markings. I did make things a bit more difficult by deciding to fully line the jacket and slip stitch the facings down. But boy was it worth it!!! its given a really clean finish and my stitches were nearly invisible!!! 

The brooch was from my sister and her husband for my birthday one year!! Its one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, to the point where the cameo fell out on a night out and I went back the next day and crawled around the sticky floor with the bar manager searching for it!!!

I dint have enough fabric for pattern matching but it actually turned out okay. I faced the neckline as per the instructions and even put on the pockets. They are pretty useless but they look cute!

Ive got to say I LOVE this jacket! and I think its given me the confidence to actually attempt a coat at some point [and I don't mean the beasty coats me and my sister are making , something more wearable!!!]

All in all to say its made from left overs I am pretty darn pleased with it!!!! 

And I've made a little video of me reviewing the pattern! Which gives a few more details!!! And you can find it here! 

Much Love




  1. One cool jacket, well done. I made a jacket from a vintage pattern but it was way too big so I gifted it to a friend and she loved it. You have been making loads. Jo x

  2. This jacket is awesome!!! It looks like it's from a very expensive shop. Sorry to hear your story but sounds like you ended up being the winner with a great sense of fashion. I look at so many clothes/patterns and think how lovely are and how they wouldn't suit me, I need to change that somehow as I'm probably missing out (it's hard to change what your brain thinks!!). You look very smart and stylish x

  3. Hey Hey Frankie, you are featured on the Tilly blog post today - Me too!!! Love Jo xx

  4. Hi your jacket looks really good ! I recently obtained a copy of this pattern, have to order the magazines from overseas Uk have the best ones ! Can you tell me how you lined the jacket? I really want to line mine as well..thanks

    1. Basically I cut the jacket and the lining from the same pattern pieces and cut the facings too, then I made up the main jacket and the lining. Then I placed them right sides together with the facings onto of the lining and sewed around the neckline. Then I sewed the sleeve hems and fished the facing ny turning under a small amount and hand stitching it to the lining, hopefully that makes sense, you can email if you have any questions x

  5. Love this! Makes me wanna make one... Adding it to the list xox


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