Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hen Party!

Okay so this was going to be a lovely post showing you the dress I made for my hen party, BUT naturally I went to newlook in the morning looking for a swimming costume and came out with a dress! So I wore that instead! Plus as always I'd left it much too late to hem it so that's on my to do list today!!! And its a circle skirt so that'll be fun! 

Anyway much fun was had, we went for a lovely meal at the cotton mill in Newcastle under Lyme and then onto reflex nightclub! Sadly my poor bridesmaid had to leave as she wasn't feeling well [as it goes she has bacterial tonsillitis!]

It was great fun to let my hair down and have a good old giggle and I felt so lovely wearing my cheap newlook find! Even if it was WHITE! and I really don't do colour!!! I really loved it though and I'm desperately trying to find some fabric that's very similar because and brace yourselves for this...... Red wine got spilled on it and wiped off. AND IT WIPED OFF! 



I'll give you all a moment to digest that

Honestly I thought my night was done for and then it just came off, we did a minimal amount of blotting with soda water but other than that you couldn't really tell!

As soon as I've worked out what fabric is I'll let you all know, ans then we can swath ourselves in full outfits made of white and not worry about stains!!!!

Much Love




  1. Looks like you had a fab time and enjoyed it. Sounds like a great fabric, non stain and if it's non crease then it's The perfect fabric!! Enjoyed watching the what's in my sewing kit video, it's fab to be noisy :) x

    1. Glad you enjoyed my video!!! The fabric is lush I definitely need to track some down !


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