Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Whats In my Sewing Box!

So I actually made this video on the 14th September but haven't gotten around to uploading it until yesterday!!!

So yeah it features the ENTIRE contents of my sewing box!! 

Grab and cup of tea [and a cheeky biscuit, in fact just grab the packet!] 

and enjoy!

Much Love




  1. Amazing amount of stuff in your 'vanity case' Frankie. They were very popular in the 1960's for overnighting with friends. Most of your grandmother's stuff was very familiar, including the Zubes tin. I had one. The bendy thing is a flexible ruler. Sometimes they have measurements on so you can measure curves, very useful when estimating. I don't have any snips, although I think about getting some and then I just use my embroidery scissors or seam ripper.

    1. Id say I use my scissors on a chain more than my snips, they tend to be more useful for quilting.
      Thankyou for helping with my bendy thing conundrum!!! X


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