Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Long Sleeve Jersey Top

Okay this is is possibly the most boring thing I've made ever, In fact I kind of want to punch myself its so boring!

Anyway here's the deal. WINTER IS COMING. In all seriousness game of thrones have cracked it winter is coming and whilst I love winter in all its candle burning hot chocolate drinking glory I hate that I have to walk lil man to school and how frigging freezing it is.

And as it turns out I have hardly any long sleeve tops so I took the opportunity to whip one up.

So I started with Threadcount 1607, and used view b which is a cardigan.

However when I cut it out I cut both the front and back on the fold and didn't cut out the button band or cuffs.

And heres what I ended up with a really boring long sleeve top that will at least keep me warm underneath my coat. FYI for those of you who are thinking "why doesn't she just wear a jumper?" the walk is such that we go down hill on the way there which is chilly and the way back is all up hill which leaves me feeling much toastier! [and means I now have thighs of steel, Lol or of another slightly more squishy metal]

But all jokes aside I kind of love it? The fit is much better than I thought it was going to be and now I can't stop looking at other cute prints online that I could make this from. The sleeve length is good and the whole thing took about an hour to run up on my overlocker.

Including the neck and sleeves and bottom which are all finished on my overlocker too. Which was partly laziness and partly because I have a RTW top that is finished like this and I think it looks super cool.  

And the neckline sits pretty flat which is pretty cool.

Now I'm just wondering if I can wear it with my unicorn scarf on the school run?

But I do know I can layer it with tshirts and vest tops which is also a winner.

Here's a close up of the neckline, I love that its got kind of a punk rock vibe because it looks a bit unfinished? Kind of makes it feel a bit less of a mumsy top?

But anyway, I'm calling this a success, Its definitely turned out better than I thought and now I think I need to make a few more versions in different prints!

In other news, 

I found a cut of shirt dress that I must have forgotten I was making [I actually think it was meant to be for the honeymoon but obvs I didn't finish it in time.

I finished a shirt refashion and it turned out hideous! So far there's no pictures but if anyone's having a super bad week let me know and I'll take some pictures so you can have a laugh at my expense.

I'm fully embracing the winter spirit, I've got out my hats and scarfs and I'm burning candles and drinking hot chocolate by the gallon. We have a Tassimo machine now and it makes Oreo hot chocolate and oh my days its yummy. And Rikkis happy because it makes coffee which means he doesn't have to rely on me to make his coffee anymore [my coffee is gross, if I ever offer you coffee run.]

And that's it really , apart from lots of knitting!

Much Love




  1. Awesome top love thr print too ans never thought of using the cardi pattern like that before i may have to try that! I had a disaster last week with the Sunday set pinafore but hey ho it's all part of the first of sewing eh?! X

    1. Oh no what kind of disaster! Sadly sometimes sewing goes really badly when I made my version it was HUGE!!!!

  2. Sewing boring and useful items is never the same as making exciting new stuff but they are usually so easy. I have the free Deer and Doe Plaintin already next to two pieces of fabric already for me to get started but I keep doing other things instead. My plan is to wear them under some dresses as I'm always in jeans in the winter x

    1. Yerp me and jeans are besties in winter!


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