Monday, 21 November 2016

Sad News

Okay so I had some pretty jolly Christmas/gift giving posts ready to be written but things sort of took a downturn with me feeling a bit miserable towards the end of last week and then on Saturday morning my Grandad died.  Which to be quite frank thoroughly sucks. 

Anyway as it goes Rikki was working nights that night and he's just started a new job so him staying home wasn't an option so I just sat and finished projects really.  

This was the first one I finished its another English paper pieced floor cushion but this one is for Rikkis Nan, She really liked mine and thought it might be nice to have something for the kids to sit on at her house. 

Its made the same way as the other but this one has the added bonus of being filled with fabric scraps. Yerp I took all my scrap fabric and then cut them into little tiny pieces and rammed them into a cushion, Actually the mindless cutting was pretty good for keeping my head sort of busy? And making sure I didn't think to much.

I did however end up with a blister on my finger from the continuous cutting....which I'm pretty sure is infected now and looks pretty gross.

Much Love




  1. So sorry to hear your news Frankie. Grandparents always have a special place in our hearts and, whilst there is a certain inevitability that we will lose them, it doesn't make it any easier. Take care. ❤️

  2. Very sad news Frankie. I still miss my grandad after many, many years. We have a special relationship with our grandparents, they love us unconditionally, will have lots of time for us and are great for hugs too. Love xxxx

  3. Really feel for you, such sad news but keeping busy is the best way. Love your floor cushion it's great and that filling must have taken forever. Love to you xxx

  4. Ah I am so sorry Frankie. Love to you from Jo x


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