Monday, 7 November 2016

Wedding DIYS

Now ya'll didnt think I was going to let my entire wedding go by without making anything did you? I know I dint make my dress but I sure made a few other things!

1. Invitations, these were the most boring a repetitive thing that I made but boy do I love how they turned out! We didn't want anything over the top and I was obsessed with the idea of s having a monogram, the ribbon is just twisted over and secured to the back of one piece of card which is then stuck on top of a card blank. and then I put on a few diamante and the monogram. [The more vigilant of you may have noticed that its roger federers logo! Rikki assured me that people wouldn't notice but a week after we sent the invites out I had no less than four people ask me if it was his logo!] 

The post box was a flat pack from etsy that Rikki built and I loving painted! It took four coats to get the gold just right! Rikki also trimmed down the E so we could have R and F! You'll notice that I used one of our invitations in the display area as well!

Confetti box! our confetti came from ebay and we mixed it in with some that Rikkis Aunty had given us! The cones came from ebay and I was more than a bit miffed to realise they were just doilies made into cones, I mean for gods sake I could have done that!
The box was a standard cardboard box with lots of holes cut in it painted red.

The table plan was a mirror that Rikkis mum found for us, that I painted white and then we just printed off the tables and mounted them on black card. I also used an invitation here too!

How centre pieces were a small bowl stacked onto a large bowl, The small bowl contained sand [marine aquarium standard because guess who was a super fuss pot and couldn't find any sand she liked?] The flowers are foam ones from the range and the red ones are ones that Rikkis Mum brought for us and there's some sparkles in the bottom as well that Rikkis Aunty brought for us! the top bowl has sand and a lego heart. The table numbers were stuck onto the hearts as well!  

My head dress was made the night before by combining two head pieces using floristry wire!

The lego figures were a bit of a labour of love of mine! I hunted high and low trying to find the perfect lego figures for everyone! And I think about 90% of them were perfect! For example Harvey [pictured above] is a chef! my uncle had a Robin hood one because hes from nottingham and Lil man had a Donald duck because that's his favourite stuffed toy. I wrote everyone's first name on the front and their surname on the back!

Last but not least was my flowers! these took me an absolute age! I hunted through my jewellery box and found all of my broken bits then I attached them to wire and then I wedged them in between foam roses and secured them with sellotape and ribbon. This turned out so much better than I ever could have imagined. I love that there's so many personal bits of jewellery in there as well at beads and buttons from my sewing stash!

And that's it really!

My next job is to get my dress dry cleaned and stored because when we move I want to store everything [including my dress] in a huge box frame!!!!

Much Love



P.s If you'd like a sneak peak of what I'm planning on making in November you can watch a video here 


  1. You made some great stuff. Jo x

    1. Thankyou! Im pretty pleased with it all! x

  2. Your invitations are fav, they look very classy, bowls look awesome and the post box is amazing, I love it!! I doing some diy's make weddings far more special and unique. Look forward to seeing your shirtdress as I have that pattern too, I'm slowly finishing a quilt I started ages ago and have no idea what to sew next, I should try and plan like you do, it makes far more sense x

    1. I never used to plan but it sure makes everything easier! Its nice to have a little set of projects to look forward too!

  3. Your flowers are especially beautiful X


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