Monday, 31 October 2016


Okay so I had planned on posting this yesterday and then trying to get back to the usual schedule and some more crafty stuff this week , but lo and behold lil man decided to do a nice sick on the carpet yesterday and I got nothing done.

Anyway I thought I'd do a lil blog post outlining some of the things I wore whilst I was there, But to be honest theirs less pictures than I thought there was so you'll have to believe me when I say I wore a lot more handmade stuff.

Okay so this is us when we got dropped off at the airport, yes I am terrified. I hate flying with a passion. I was all about comfort on the way there so I wore jeggings, my Hawaiian print crop top, a white mens shirt and my grey cardigan. I wanted lots of layers and the cardigan was perfect for snuggling up in when the aircon was on and using a pillow when I wanted a kip.

This is us on the 12 hour flight to vegas. FYI at this point i had snuck off to the toilet and removed my bra and was just wearing the crop top with a shirt over the top! I cannot recommend this enough, no uncomfortable underwires or scratchy lace. It definitely made me feel more comfy although I felt really weird removing my bra on a plane!

I also had to wear my hat on the plane so it wouldn't get crushed. I was going to leave it at home but it was so HOT I'm glad I had it so I didn't burn my head!

This is one of my African wax print dresses, I took all of them on holiday and wore two. I was a bit worried the lined bodice might be hot but I actually think the double layer protected me from the sun. Rikki could feel himself burning through his tshirt one day but I didn't have any bother. 

This is a little white number I picked up in newlook!

This is my wrap skirt and my off the shoulder top. I wore this to the most expensive breakfast me and Rikki had and felt like a Parisian movie star. The breakfast was lovely but the waiter thought I was a bit weird because I ordered two croissants and a muffin? [Rikki had an omelette and smash browns] he put my plate down and was like "and a big plate of bread for the lady?" do Americans not eat bread for breakfast? And technically its not bread its pastry and muffins which is basically dessert.

This was my £25 pound swimming costume from newlook which I loved wearing but has already started pilling [sobs] and considering my struggle to find good swimwear [post here] I think a strongly worded email might be in order. 

This is another bargain from newlook, I wore this during the evening to go zip wiring down freemont street. NOT A GOOD OUTFIT CHOICE! I had the whole thing up around the tops of my thighs and was trying to make sure I didn't flash my bum to whole way down! Not helped by the harness I had to wear. In my defence I didn't think I'd be doing the zip wire that night or I'd have worn jeans...... or full pants........ 

This is another african wax print cotton dress, I wore this for a day of seeing the other end of the strip and visiting hooters....which was less fun than I thought it would be? I thought it'd be like a southern bar with country music and stuff and it was a bit dull to be honest. Although the shorts they wear are TINY. Rikki however always the gent told me he didn't think the girls were anything special. What. A . Babe.

This is us at the top of the effiel tower in vegas, it was a pretty dull day that day and we actually had to come down because it was raining but I got some great pictures before we did!

Things I also wore but didn't photograph

I was pretty pleased with everything I packed, I had a change for the evening and I felt quite stylish all the time!

In other news! I'm planning on getting back into the grind as soon as the child is feeling better, My house is just about recovering form the wedding and post honeymoon chaos. But still needs a big clean which I'm hoping to do later.

I'm also embarking on the fun task of changing over EVERYTHING! boy is that fun! I got so aggravated by the tesco website I just ordered myself a new clubcard in my new name!

I've also started knitting a baby quilt because we know someone else who's having a baby. I mean seriously people you can just netflix and chill you don't have to "netflix and chill"

Much Love




  1. Lil black dress and zip wire, oh Frankie, I hope you will be sharing the photos. ������

    1. They didn't allow cameras on the zip line so the only picture I have is the one they took! It's not super flattering but I'll share it just for you x

  2. Oh my, you packed a lot of stuff! I am a past backpacker so I find it hard to pack nice clothes for a holiday, I once went skiing for 2 weeks on 10 kikos! Looks like you had a great time. Jo x

    1. Surprisingly we only took 1 medium suitcase each, but I like to take a few outfit options depending on my mood!!!

  3. It looks like you had an awesome time, you look amazing in all the photos, a super stylish Mrs :) great packing, it's surprising how much effort goes in to a good suitcase wardrobe.

    1. It was months in the planning! I took looking good on my honeymoon very seriously!!! x


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