Friday, 4 November 2016

10 Home Truths About Sewing In A Shared Space

Whether your sewing space is crammed into your dining room, or kitchen or a spare corner of your bedroom, its a fact that sharing your sewing space can cause some issues!

1. You will have to be careful, seriously pins are an absolute nightmare and can you imagine of they stuck in another family members foot? or god forbid your own.

2. You will try and be tidy, you'll buy boxes and jars and all kinds of things to keep your bits and bobs in. You might even label them with pretty paper and set them up like your own personal haberdashery

3. You will still make a mess, thread everywhere bits of fabric half finished projects! Mess is inevitable and your hoover will become your best friend, Its also worth investing in a bin! You can't even close the door on the mess after a long sewing session you have to clean it up *sobs*

4. You will get used to the creature comforts, whether is being close to the kettle or being able to see the t.v sharing your sewing space will have its perks!

5. You will dream of having your own space and resent anyone who has a spare room..... "SPARE ROOM WHY DON'T YOU JUST SEW IN IT!" so ungrateful.........

6. You will be more organised, you'll know exactly where your best scissors are and your favourite patterns! When you have a small space you have to be organised!

7. You'll take over pieces of furniture, the dining table is now a sewing table and you can forget about using the floor folks that's my cutting table!

8. You'll need all the the electrical outlets to plug your sewing stuff into, "awww sorry babe were you really using your games console?"

9. You'll gain some awesome muscles, there's nothing quite like taking a sewing machine on and off a table to build up your biceps. I'll consider that my daily workout thank you!

10. You'll find inspiration! especially if you can see your sewing space as your relaxing. Many times I've put something on my dummy looking not quite right only to have a eureka moment as I'm sat watching telly in the evening!

And whilst having a shared sewing space does have its highs and lows we all know I'd rather have a sewing room!!!!!

Much Love



  1. I feel very lucky after reading this - I have a huge room! Jo x

  2. I'm feeling this, it made me chuckle!! I'm counting down the years until the kids move out, I've already started planning my perfect sewing room. I think it makes us sharers more resourceful though x

    1. Haha Im counting down the years too, 16 and counting! with any luck!


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