Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Solid Zero Out Of Ten

So as you may of read in my last post my Grandad pasted away on Saturday,
then I got myself a cold sore
then a cut on my finger got infected 
then I cut up my new bank card instead of my expired one
and then I got a fever and ONE swollen tonsil [Yes just the one!]
and we were nearly late for school one day because my alarm didn't go off.

In fact if I were to rate this week I'd give it a solid zero out of ten. 

But this morning I've woken up and I'm ready to get my self together again. So we got ready for school [on time] and had a fairly pleasant walk there and back because it wasn't too freezing this morning and now I'm sat with my morning brew and then I'm going to blitz my house and then I'm going to gift wrap of the the little gifts I've made for my new niece or nephew who will be arriving in December!   

This is one of them, I have no idea when I made these but I vaguely remember cutting them out whilst little man played cars and then sewing them up that night? Its juts my regular taggy blanket.

I made on in blue and one in red, there's a another baby due next year so it made sense to bust two out at the same time. ones backed in fleece and ones backed in a minky type of fleece.

I quilted one in diagonal quilting to look like little x's and the other is straight line quilted kind of like tartan? they couldn't have took longer than an hour but I think they are pretty cute.

As usual the ribbon tags are just scraps from my stash. 

So yeah I'm pretty pleased with these and I think they'll make a great addition to the little gift baskets I'm going to make up.

Right so I'm going to have my brew, finish watching westworld and then I'm going to finally get my house back in order!




  1. Hi Frankie. Sorry to hear you have a crappy week! I'm planning on making a taggy blanket for my new nephew who is now two weeks old and utterly gorgeous. I've been considering whether to quilt it and just wind what it looks like on the back. Do you out any batting in? Or do you just quilt through the front and the fleecy backing? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Hope the rest of your week goes well. X

    1. If you look in my tutorials page there's a full tutorial fir one there! However these are made with just a fleece backing and for this you just omit the batting and use the fleece as backing, hope that helps x

  2. EvieJane loves hers you made her 💜

  3. Onwards and upwards love, next week will be a better and you can put the shitty one behind you. Taggies are fab! x

    1. Thankyou, it was an awful week but seeing your comment made me feel much better x


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